ZyXEL Launches Dual WAN Home Gateways with Built-in HPNA Adapter for IPTV Deployments

VDSL2 family of gateways simplify carriers' migration from copper to fiber in the home network

ZyXEL Communications, the world's leading broadband access solutions provider, today announced its new family of VDSL2 home gateways, the VSG series. Featuring wireless-N and dual WAN access, the VSG series includes the VSG1432 and the VSG1435 with built-in HPNA over coax adapter for IPTV provisioning. ZyXEL's new gateways, also known as customer premises equipment (CPEs), make the transition from wired copper to fiber-optic environments pain-free for both service providers and subscribers.

ZyXEL's VSG series delivers all the technology necessary to provide complete broadband access and home networking, as it features a VDSL2 modem, dual WAN capabilities, 4-port 10/100M Ethernet switch, USB 2.0 port and wireless access, all within one solution. Supporting multiple deployments options, the gateways deliver speeds up to 100M downstream / 45M upstream over copper and, Gigabit Ethernet WAN for fiber. This dual WAN functionality offers service providers greater flexibility when migrating from one access technology to the next, as subscribers can use the VSG series for both VDSL2 and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH). For providers, this helps resolve many logistical issues, including stocking different products to ease operational expenses.

In addition, the VSG1435 CPE features a built-in HPNA adapter for IPTV deployments, connecting the gateway directly to set-top boxes over coaxial cable. The HPNA adapter offers speeds of up to 320Mbps and Quality of Service (QoS) features, making it ideal for streaming HD TV channels.

ZyXEL's new family of gateways supports the latest in high-speed wireless 802.11n technology. By leveraging the VSG series' 802.11n WiFi network, customers can connect all of their wireless devices to one product, which saves service providers technical support costs often found when troubleshooting third-party routers bought from retail channels. The products also support QoS traffic prioritization for triple-play services, which offers end-users a superior entertainment and online experience. The VSG series devices are plug-and-play with TR-069 remote management support to help reduce both deployment and maintenance costs for operators.
"ZyXEL's VSG series addresses the need for service providers to offer premium services like IPTV over copper and fiber networks with a single device," said Brian Feng, senior vice president of ZyXEL. "The ability to have in-house design and manufacturing facilities give us an edge over competition, since we can create unique and tightly integrated solutions for our customers."

For more information email at telco@zyxel.com or call 1.800.255.4101

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