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Cheap Dumbbells - Why Pay Much When You Can Pay Little?

Cheap Dumbbells - The Best Place To Buy Them Online Is Where?

Dumbbells are easily the best thing since sliced bread. Anybody that has spent a few weeks in the gym, has to realize by now that free weights are the best way to go when it comes to training.

Think about it... why would you spend all your precious energy on these machines that keep you stuck in a repetitive movement, when you can have all the freedom of motion in the world with simple dumbbells?

Dumbbells are simplest things in the world. They're just 'weight'. But at the same time, they're so immensely useful. You can use dumbbells in any training program in the world to get in better shape.

Want to bulk up? Use dumbbells! Want to burn fat? Use dumbbells!

A little bit of dumbbell training goes a long way in improving the quality of your health and lifestyle.

Naturally, diet plays a part too. But you probably already knew that, or you would not be looking for low priced dumbbells in the first place.

Now to be fair... dumbbells aren't as dumb as they sound. There's some real technology behind some of the higher priced ones. But you know what... there's nothing wrong with starting out cheap!

If you are a beginner when it comes to weight training, cheap dumbbells are good enough to get you started. In this lens, I am showing you the top five cheapest, highest rated dumbbells on Amazon.

I'm aiming for the $50 - $100 price range. Anything below that is of poor quality and not worth your money.

#1 - Yes4All Dumbbells

Let's start off the list with a really good pair of dumbbells! These Yes4All dumbbells are adjustable and can be purchased as 50 pounds, 60 pounds, 105 pounds, 52.2 pounds or 8 pounds.

No matter what your strength level is, there is something for everybody with these Yes4Alls.

These dumbbells have chromed, threaded handles which will give you a secure grip, even when you start getting sweaty palms from all the lifting.

The plates themselves are made of durable cast iron. They will certainly last you a long time, even if you end up dropping them constantly.

Your floor is likely to take more damage than your dumbbell plates.

The weights and the bars themselves are of pretty good quality. The collars are also of good quality, meaning the weight plates won't jiggle and rattle during the lifting.

Some people complain of a faint rubber smell on the grips. Not everybody has this though. If this should happen to you, then you can just switch the grips and keep the plates.

There are no known smell issues with the plates themselves.

All in all, these are quality dumbbells and you get good value for money. Fantastic starter set!

#2 - Lion Roar Fitness Dumbbells

These dumbbells are quality dumbbells, just like the ones at number one on the list. The only downside to these is that they come in lower weights, namely 40 pounds, 50 pounds and 60 pounds.

They are also adjustable. That means you can take weight plates off or put them back on again.

There's plenty of room on the grip bars for more plates. So you could potentially purchase more weight plates as you get stronger and feel the need to lift more.

These dumbbells have handle grips that are coated with rubber. This is not for everybody. But some people actually prefer this to chromed handle grips.

The weight plates themselves are not rubber coated. They're simply painted black. It's possible that the weight plates sustain some damage to the paint job when putting them down.

Nicks and scratches like these can be rather unsightly... but who really cares when you're talking about a set of cheap dumbbells like these?

The corks are very easy to screw on, so weight can be added and removed as you see fit.

All in all, another great bang for your buck dumbbell pair.

#3 - Champion Dumbbells

These Champion dumbbells stand out in the list because of the fact that you do not buy these as a pair. When you order this one from Amazon, you are buying only one dumbbell.

These dumbbells are definitely quality and like with all the other ones on this list... you get good value for money.

They simply offer a good per pound value, simple as that.

But next to the fact that this is not a set, you must also take into account that these dumbbells are not adjustable.

These are a great buy if you know where exactly your upper ceiling is when it comes to dumbbell push up strength.

My own upper limit on dumbbell presses is about 80 pounds in each hand. And I can do 3 to 4 reps with that amount of weight.

So if I were to purchase these, I'd probably go with a weight slightly below 80 pound. So in this case that would be 75 pounds.

That way, I knew I'd have the exact right amount of weight that I can take for 8 reps!

Naturally, the heavier the dumbbell, the higher the price.

But if it is light weights that you are looking for, then even purchasing a pair of these will easily keep you well below the hundred dollar mark.

These Champion dumbbells have an ergonomic handle and are hexagonal in shape. Hexagonal weights are great for if you don't want your dumbbells to roll off when you put them down.

#4 - Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells

These Star Ring dumbbells are the most expensive ones in this list of cheap dumbbells. But they are still around the hundred dollar mark (which isn't terribly expensive for dumbbells)!

And if you look at what you get in return for your money, then I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up going with these!

This set of dumbbells has it all. First of all, it's a set and not a single dumbbell like number three in the list.

Next to being a set, they are also adjustable, made of durable cast iron and they have the chromed, threaded grip handle bars which (in the end) are always best!

With 2.5 pound increases, the weight increases that this set of dumbbells allows are pretty subtle!

Small weight increases are sometimes what you need. It's entirely possible that you're having an easy time pressing dumbbells at 40 pounds, but a hard time at 50 pounds.

In that case, it's handy to have 2.5 pound plates so that you can work your way up to 50 by going 42.5, 45.0, 47.5 and then 50.0.

The chromed collars to hold the weight plates in place work very well. It's not a really a fast plate change with these collars, but man do they keep those plates on there tight!

You get a lot of quality for the money. But at this price point, you're still going to have weight plates with a fairly cheap paint job.

The weigh plates may get damaged and look ugly, but it doesn't detract from the quality of the dumbbells. I wouldn't make it an issue if I were you.

The verdict...

Great buy!

#5 - Altus Athletic Dumbbells

Alright, now it's time for something different. These weights are a far cry from all the other four on the list. But the reality is that there is a market for weights like these as well.

Altus Athletic's dumbbell collection features three dumbbell pairs. They are 3 pounds, 5 pounds and 8 pounds. It's a total of 32 pounds of weight, not including the stand.

They might look like rubber in the picture, but they are actually steel. They are simply coated with Neoprene to give them the rubbery look and feel.

Needless to say, these dumbbells are not for a young guy in his prime that's living on a high protein diet and bulking up in the gym every single day.

These are beginner dumbbells for people of not such great strength. That makes them a good buy for women who want to tone their arms.

If, for any reason, you've lost much of your strength due to medical reasons... then these would also be good for you to start (re)building your strength.

They come with a rack which allows for easy storage. The rack has a handle which allows for easy pickup and relocation.

So let's say that after one week you decide you've had enough of them, you can pick them up and store them in your closet for the next few years. ;)

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