Explore a Little Nature with a Mature

September is here and the weather isn’t going to get better! You could say it is all downhill from here; just like when you turn 50 supposedly. You had better get up off that couch and go out and enjoy the weather now. For the next three months after September until the end of the year the average high temperature of the day drops close to 10 degrees every month. Don’t let cool weather or age sway you; book Mature Girls from 24 Carat Girls for great company.

No matter what your age is you can enjoy time outdoors with London Girls; if you are the kind of person that likes to live life in the fast lane and gets off on a little bit of adrenaline you should check out the high speed cruises that are available on the River Thames. The super powered inflatable boats can have you cruising around the river gently at a nice pace one moment and the next moment humming along at almost 60 miles per hour! (50 knots) What better way to get your chosen date to snuggle up tight to you looking for some comfort and protection?

If you want a little less excitement on your date and prefer the company of a woman who is a little older then you should be looking in the Mature Girls Gallery at 24 Carat. If you not the type of person that likes boating you can do something more romantic with your date like taking a leisurely walk around the London Wetland Centre. This is one of the best places in London for watching birds and you may also see other small amphibians and mammals. Richmond Park is a little farther away from Central London (45 min or so) but has remained a favorite being the largest of London’s eight Royal Parks and also home to more than 600 Fallow and Red deer who have roamed there freely for almost 500 years!

If you want to see a girl and go to her place for a little R&R (rest and recuperation) 24C has Incall Girls that start at only £110 for the hour and some will do 30 minutes for £80. You do not have to spend a fortune to explore London and enjoy a little nature with Mature Girls.

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