5 Common Myths About Yoga Teacher Training

Summary: Explore the article to read about five common myths about yoga teacher training program.

Yoga is quite popular these days. The science is finding its pace and attracting more followers every day. As per a majority of surveys, there are millions of people who are taking up yoga every day across the globe and reaping its amazing benefits. But at the same time, there are many people who are scared of taking up yoga, due to certain misconceptions and myths about its practice.

Like many other activities, yoga (especially yoga teacher training) has also become a victim of the ‘typecast’ generalization. There is a simple thing to remember that ‘Yoga is for everyone’ and so is a Yoga Teacher Training. Let’s explore the five most common myths related to yoga teacher training.

Myth #1: Yoga Teacher Training is Only for the One Aspiring to Become Yoga Teachers

Yoga teacher training is about becoming a yoga teacher, which is the most common myth people have about teacher training. It is true that to become the finest yoga teacher or trainer, one is advised to take up a yoga teacher training. But enrolling in it doesn’t mean that it is only for those who aspire to be a yoga teacher. Yoga teacher training programs are for all those dedicated yoga practitioners aiming to become more sincere in their practice. A YTTC is a rejuvenating and a highly enlightening experience. The Yoga teacher program rewards with a deeper understanding of the life science, balances the life, and renders the practitioner with a life-changing experience.

Myth #2: If You Are Not Ready then Do Not Go For It

I am not ready for a yoga teacher training program- a very familiar voice. Sometimes our inner critic pulls us down and whispers repeatedly that leaves us with a diffident feeling of not being ready enough to take up yoga teacher training. If you have basic knowledge of yoga and practice it at home, then you are ready for YTT. There is no need to be perfect in all your poses and asanas. A teacher training is about improving a yoga practice. The program shall teach how to integrate the yoga practice deeply into your life.

Myth #3: You Need To Be Very Flexible

Yoga comes with a lot of body, mind, and spiritual benefits. It teaches balance and makes you more flexible. There are many of us who think that being inflexible equals the inability to practice yoga. Flexibility means you can do yoga asana with ease but if you are not, don’t worry. Keep practicing and yoga shall lead you to it. You don’t need to bend your body like a rubber ball to be a yogi, and the only thing you should be concerned about is practicing yoga. It works on the overall well being of the body and mind. 

Myth #4: Yoga Teacher Training Programs Are Expensive

 This is again untrue! Yoga teacher training programs are pocket-friendly; they come with a lot of new experiences but no with expenses. You just have to choose the right location to find one. Yoga teacher training in Nepal, India, Thailand, and Indonesia, offers budgeted training programs. If you are opting India as your destination for YTTC, you can go for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Goa, Mysore, or Kerala. Before booking a yoga teacher training course, make sure that your school is offering accommodation and food. This will help you to maintain budget and you only need to pay extra for your flight fare.

Myth #5: It Will Not Change Your Life, Rather Give You A Life Changing Experience

We have seen many people saying that going to a yoga teacher training program can disturb their normal life routine. Some go extreme and start thinking that they have to leave their job for this program. Relax, taking a yoga training benefits your body and life, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit your job or you can’t follow your normal life.

Yoga training can fit easily into your personal schedule if you are not going abroad for YTT. You can opt for part-time courses while working. You will become certified in a few months and then if you desire, you can also take yoga as a career.

Yoga is about understanding your inner-self. It rejuvenates you, makes you fall in love with yourself again and fills your soul with complete bliss. Like reading, yoga allows you to go on a magical journey using your imagination and yoga teacher training program is a school where you can improve your reading skills.