Why Should You Join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Kerala?

Summary: Heading for 200 Hour Yoga TTC? Sail to the land of Kerala for the most curative experiences.

200 Hour Yoga TTC signs the maiden step towards yogic evolution. As much poetic as it sounds, this fact needs to be nurtured with a great choice of yoga school and an ideal destination that offers solace and tranquility. A Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala accomplishes and lays the strongest healing groundwork for the yogis to tread their path on. From a comforting green ambiance to the purest yoga learning – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala is a long-awaited experience waiting to be unfolded. Here is why:

For An Outstanding Yoga Education

First things first –as Kerala is the land of Vedas and the most ancient natural health care system, the presence of Yoga can be felt in the very breath of this land. Owing to its rich Yoga and Ayurveda heritage that is just as prevalent today, has led some of the finest yoga schools to set up here. While certain greatest sages and yogis call it a home, you shall be able to seek guidance and tutorship of the best yoga teachers on the planet, along with attaining a global accreditation for your efforts and diligence during the 200 Hour YTTC in Kerala. 

Land of Ayurveda

Ayurveda – the five millennia old natural health care system and a sister science of Yoga traces its origin to the country of Kerala. The healing science is still a mainstream treatment method, very well preserved in the soil and soul of Kerala. A Yoga TTC in Kerala becomes a rejuvenating amalgamation instigated in the Yoga-Veda essence. Here, you can catch glorious insights into the Ayurveda during the tenure of Yoga TTC. Ailment-specific treatments through the application of authentic Ayurveda are embedded deeply into the spirit of Kerala. If you are searching for a holistic care, specific to your requirement and composition then Kerala is your true calling.  

Tropical Paradise

Those who are unaware can hold their breath as during their trip to Kerala, they are also stepping onto the land that is recognized as one of the top thirteen paradises in the globe, awarded by the National Geographic Traveler itself. Displaying the finest and the cleanest coastline decked with coconut trees and sparkling sand with the lush Nilgiris Ranges offering nourishing organic delights on the other side of this multi-faceted region, the mesmerizing fauna, soothing backwaters, and the treaties go on and on.

Rich Culture & Heritage

This is a place where you can experience a quaint countryside life that is also blessed with rich culture and history. During leisure time, catch a glimpse of the traditional dance forms of Kerala, snake boat race, elephant bathing ceremony. And, do not miss on visiting the famous Guruvayur Temple of Lord Krishna – the deity of Yoga and True Love. The temple is also the fourth largest temple in India and an eminent destination for love-nuptials.  

For Palate Nourishment and Satiety

The role of a healthy yogic diet cannot be underplayed as it is the second most crucial element in a yogi’s life, after his learning and practice. With a majority of land blessed with fertility and growth, organic farming is one of the most preferred agriculture choices here. Experience the mouth-watering nutritious yogic delights here garnished and served with simplistic charm and a wonderful smile. This is where you can even over-indulge without feeling over-burdened. Explore from a range of continental to traditional delicacies during the program.  

Heal and prepare to ignite the world with 200 Hour Yoga TTC in Kerala.