London Call Girls are Not All Small Girls

I read a quote the other day I thought was cute that said for men when it comes to boobs they are sort of like beer; we all have our favourites but generally, we`re happy with whatever is available, being served or on tap. True for the most part but of course some persons are fascinated and/or even obsessed with girls with large breasts. (Or even small ones) What kind of man are you? Do you prefer big ones or small ones? 24 Carat Escorts has girls with all different breast sizes.

You can find countless reasons and explanations on the internet about why some are really into large breasted women; some people think that a man that is not sexually satisfied is more attracted to a woman with large breasts as compared to one who is… maybe true because sometimes the breasts really do stick out and grab your attention more than a girl with small to medium ones. It’s amazing what bras can do for a woman’s breasts also. I think we have all had it happen at least once when we are out at the club or pub and we happen to have a little luck and score with a woman who appears to have nice breasts and then when it comes time to remove the clothes we are like where did they go?

You will not have any surprises like that if you pick a girl from the busty gallery. Busty Escorts are exactly what they say they are from 24 Carat; busty! With a gallery all of their own, you will not have a problem finding a woman with ample breasts. There you will find slim girls with large breasts, curvy and round girls with big ones and girls of different races with them too. Better yet if you are one of those types of men that can never get their fill of large ones you could make a phone call and have not just one large breasted girl come over to entertain you but why not have two of them come over?

If it is not convenient for you to have London Call Girls come and visit you for whatever reasons you can browse the Incall Escorts gallery and go and visit one of the girls. You will find some Busty Escorts in there but the majority of them work as Outcall Escorts. If the big breast lover is not inside of you will be just as satisfied with the selection of slim and petite girls as well. Big or small you will in 7th heaven with London Call Girls in all different shapes and sizes.

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