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Koch Supply & Trading, JOVO, MISC, Teekay Marine Solutions Sign Pioneering Deal in Ship Supply

With Ship supply transfers traditionally serving more of an operational role; this project represents a key role in commercial milestone as a recurring Ship Supply transfer demonstrates the commercial potential of such activities. Such these operations open new markets for exporters and also provide new supply sources to those with ship supply requirements. In this example, the mother vessel loads more cargo from Australia and before transferring it to a smaller daughter greater vessel at Subic Bay in the Philippines. The operation is carefully managed and controlled by Teekay Marine Solutions with Teekay and MISC providing their extensive Ship Supply experience to administer a safe and successful transfer. The cargo is then may delivered to JOVO’s Chinese terminal. It is distributed by truck to one of their many industrial need or commercial customers in Southern China.

“This partnership is between the first class ship owners, industry leading Ship Supply service providers and innovative Ship Supply consumers allows companies in developing markets to gain new and highly access to global volumes. This is a wider variety of logistics and infrastructure players.

“Looking at how the Ship supply market is developing,” Tim Mendelssohn, Ship supply freight and operations manager, “we are greatly challenging the existing business model as a problem-solving, solution-oriented agent for ship supply transfers in emerging economies around the globe, greatly reducing barriers to market entry.”

Stephen Davidson that is vice president – Teekay Marine Solutions stated, “We welcomed this opportunity to work with ship supply to bring this project online, and in working with also all entities to ensure the operation was conducted in a safe and secure manner following all industry guidelines and recommendations. We hope that this is the highly start of a new long term partnership with all parties building on the work that has already been completed and cover all project to bring this first historic job to fruition. We are highly pleased to be involved in yet another groundbreaking project.

About Koch Supply & Trading

Koch Supply & Trading companies are all around the world trade crude oil, highly refined petroleum products, gas liquids, natural gases, liquefied these natural gas, power, renewables and emissions, and metals. The companies have traders and marketing staff in Wichita, Houston, New York, London, Geneva, Singapore and Shanghai.


Marine Electronics, LET.  is a private European company that provides Marine Installation Repairs, Marine navigation and communication equipment, Nautical Charts, Marine Radios, Navionics, Marine Electronics & Surveys all over the world. They are the reliable & total supplier of service and hardware which you can rely on at all times.

About JOVO

JOVO Group Co., Ltd. is a private Chinese company that started its business in LPG trading. In last 25 years, JOVO has become an industry that is leading energy company with a focus on clean energies, such as LPG, LNG and DEM. They cover the whole industrial supply chain, including also international purchase, storage, processing, production, and sales. It can store and distribute LNG, LPG, Methanol, Oil and several kinds of gas and petroleum products.

About MISC

MISC is a world leading provider of international energy related maritime solutions and services. We take pride in our asset and service reliability and comfort, commitment to uphold the highest and great standards of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), operating many responsibly and caring for the all environment as well as making a positive difference to the communities in which we operate.