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True Story, Imposing Consequences

A dramatic journey of secrets, carrier unknown - burden imposed...

This Full Feature, Female Character and Leading Lady Driven Narrative is an adaptation about the life of Norma and her family history of struggle, only to discover an ending that will touch your core. Norma is faced with many struggles in her life, including raising a child with severe disabilities! This film illuminates her strength of character as she overcame personal and social discrimination. This very personal narrative is something I have been working on for 50 years and I am really excited to see the story told.

What We Need & What You Get

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  • Director, Location, Legal, Production Studio & Equipment. Foundation assets for effective transition into production. These funds are allocated "below line"

  • Attachment of A-List Casting Talent "above line"

  • Investment Options for Funding include variable 10-14% Hurdle with a floating 300-500% cap (ie. 250k yield at 1.5m with 50/50 return)

The Impact

You Know This Story !! You have been Impacted by this Experience in your own life!

  • Your Investment & Participation will be credited as a valuable part of this film and the people whom it will enrich with a revolutionary on screen experience!

  • Production Crew with multiple Oscar & Emmy Award Nominations & Win's !!

  • Economic Growth & Revenue (Jobs, Restaurant, Hotel, Entertainment, Service, etc.)

  • The Time is Right for a Moral & Inspirational Film about what makes us all Human!

Risks & Challenges

Please take a moment to consider how this inspirational Film began! I wrote the first page when I was 12 years old always knowing this life and experience needed to be told.

  • Born with multiple amputations, deformities & birth defects - 20+ surgeries by age 10!

  • Risk & Challenge - BRING IT !!

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Ability Films, llc.

A Kris Courtney Production, Ability Films, llc. is an Atlanta Georgia based Film Production organization dedicated to the development & production of Norma's Sun, The Film.

Norma's Sun, The Film

Miraculous tale of how a boy, born into unimaginable physical and emotional pain and destined to be a misfit, finds his way in a world of "others." Few could survive so many torturous years of surgical intervention and an ensuing lifelong struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction and come out ahead. This moving tale reveals not only the struggle and heartrending elements of generational lives "gone wrong," but also the love and growth of a human being overcoming the odds and determined to find a way to live life to the fullest. The unapologetic prose prompts enduring ethical questions and makes a gripping, personal read. The book “Norma Jean's Sun” is painfully reflective yet ultimately hopeful, a story told through the eyes of a boy who believes he has been mistakenly born into the world and a man who conquers physical and emotional injustice--and thrives. All while Norma, the protagonist, is met with difficult choices of her own to rise above with a brilliant grace! The reader will be challenged to answer the difficult questions of right and wrong as they may apply to his or her own life to a conclusion that will lead to a more fulfilled view of the "parallel beauty that lives just beneath the surface for us all." This story highlights the thousands of family dynamics that center on not only disabilities, but the taboo subject matter visible or implied. As a child, I wrote the first page of this tale at 12. All along knowing my life and the circumstances had a powerful content. As an adult, the lessons obtained have given me creative energy & awareness to share this message. My desire is to bring light and benefit to the millions who have lived and silently equaled in experiences similar to my own! Many Matriarchs, Patriarchs and Children survive this day who understand and who wish share their story.