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Free Marketing ebook Series Announced

To Help Small Business Owners’ Market Effectively

Calgary, Feb 15, 2019 - Accrue Performance Marketing is excited to announce the launch of their free ebook series.

We’re launching the first 9 ebooks in the series. The goal is to help small business owners understand what marketing is, and how to invest wisely.

What's The Purpose?

We find business owners routinely mistake marketing for advertising, websites or social media. This mistake results in a dangerous pattern we call Random Acts of Marketing.

Random Acts of Marketing is where you engage in marketing activities as if they were to-do list items. Got a website, check. Post on Facebook, check. There is no rationale, or clarity behind why people make these investments. These reactionary marketing practices are often disastrous for business owners.

The ebooks are meant to help small business owners make the shift, from Random Acts of Marketing to investing in earnings growth.

How Does It Help?

Each ebook asks tough questions that challenge people to think differently about marketing. A key goal is encouraging the shift from a task orientation to a systems approach. When this shift occurs, people move away from random acts and their results improve.

The ebooks are not technical how-to manuals; they are provocative how-to-think manuals. If we get people to change their thinking, it will change their actions and improve their results.

Why ebooks?

The shorter length of the ebooks makes the information accessible for busy people. Business owners can access the ebook series at

About Accrue Performance Marketing Inc.

Accrue is a full-service marketing coaching and consulting company, with a small business focus. We’re based in Calgary, AB Canada, but we work with people from all over North America. We help people make the shift from Random Acts of Marketing to investing in earnings growth. We’re your coach and partner in business development. SOURCE Accrue Performance Marketing Inc. For further information: Accrue Performance Marketing Inc., Per: John Watson, p: (403) 818-8151,