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Nine More Marketing eBooks Released

By Accrue Performance Marketing of Calgary



Accrue Performance Marketing is excited to announce the release of nine new ebooks. This expands the series to 18 for small business owners.


Why Write So Many? 

Small business owners are busy. By breaking up the marketing conversation into a series of five to ten-minute reads, we make the information more accessible.


What Topics Get Covered?

We've prepared two types of eBooks. The first six are meant to introduce sales and marketing, to help to frame what they are and how to think about them as a business owner.


The remaining 12 eBooks focus on common topics and tactics. The goal is to help frame these tactics, not as miraculous quick fixes, but as elements within a larger marketing program. The books frame each tactic as playing a role in a larger program with specific goals, objectives and performance constraints.


Who Are These eBooks For?

These eBooks are intended for small business owners with little to no marketing experience. The eBooks are not meant to be technical training manuals. They are meant to challenge thinking and direct business owners to approach marketing with a clear purpose and specific goals.


With the release of these eBooks, we hope to curb the one-off, "random acts of marketing" approach so common to small businesses.


Where Can You Get Them?

The eBooks are available to download for free at


About Accrue Performance Marketing Inc. 

Accrue is a full-service digital marketing company with a small business focus. Accrue is based in Calgary, AB, Canada, but we work with people from all over North America. We help people design, build and grow companies with systematic sales and marketing programs that make sense for each business.