AC Hotel by Marriott at the Banks

Grand​​ Reveal:​​ AC​​ Hotel​​ by​​ Marriott ​​Opens at ​​The ​​Banks

CINCINNATI,​​ OH ​​​(October​​ 23, ​​2017)​​ - ​​AC ​​Hotel ​​by ​​Marriott ​​at​​ the​​ Banks​​ will officially ​​open​​ their​​ doors on ​​October ​​27,​​ 2017. ​​The ​​AC ​​Hotel​​ boasts ​​a ​​stylish cocktail​​ bar​​ and​​ lounge ​​with​​ signature​​ cocktails, ​​as well ​​as ​​a ​​dining ​​room ​​offering​​ a ​​selection​​ of​​ European-style​​ small​​ plates.​​ The ​​Upper ​​Deck,​​ a ​​rooftop​​bar overlooking​​ Cincinnati, ​​will​​ be​​ open​​ to ​​guests ​​in​​ Spring​​ 2018. Join​​ us ​​in​​ toasting the​​ opening​​ of​​ our​​ doors​​ at ​​our ​​Grand ​​Reveal​​ on​​ October​​ 27th. Below​​ are​​ the details​​ of​​ the ​​day:

Grand​​ Reveal​​ Program:
(Speakers​​ expected ​​to​​ deliver​​ remarks)​​​​

9:00​​ am:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ MEDIA ​​TOUR:​​Take​​ a ​​guided ​​tour​​ of​​ the​​ space
10:00​​ am: ​​​​Welcome​​ attending​​ dignitaries ​​and introduce​​​​ Mayor​​ John​​ Cranley
10:00 ​​am: Remarks​​ - ​​Mayor​​ John ​​Cranley,​​ City​​ of​​ Cincinnati
10:05​​ am: Introduction​​ of​​ John ​​Barrett
                 Remarks ​​– ​​John ​​Barrett,​​ Western​​ &​​ Southern​​ Financial​​ Group
10:08​​ am: Remarks ​​–​​ Winegardner ​​&​​ Hammons​​ Hotel​​ Group
10:11​​ am: Introduction ​​of​​ Marriott​​ International​​ Executives:
                 ● Eric​​ Jacobs,​​ Chief​​ Development​​ Officer ​​North 
America​​ Lodging
                    Marriott ​​International
                 ● Adam​ ​Sherer, ​​Senior​​ Vice​​ President,​​ Owner​​ & Franchise ​​Services ​​and​​
                    Marriott​​ Select​​ Brands
10:14​​ am: Introduction​​ of​​ Jennifer​​ Porter ​​and​​ Jessica​​ Carlson
                  Invite ​​attendees ​​to​​ Ribbon​​ Cutting / Wine​​ Smashing ​​area
                  Enjoy​​ light​​ refreshments
10:15​​ am: Dignitaries​​ move​​ to ​​the​​ Ribbon​​ Cutting / Wine ​​Smashing Photo​​
10:20​​ am: Light ​​refreshments ​​and​​ tours ​​until​​ 1:00​​ pm
                  Light ​​refreshments ​​from​ ​our ​​craft​​ kitchen ​​include:
                  ● Charcuterie​​ Board​​ (Cheese,​​ Meats,​​ Fruit)
                  ● Bite​​ Size ​​Breakfast​​ Tarts: ​​Sweet​​ and​​ Savory
                  ● Manchego ​​&​​ Quince​​ Torte ​​Bites
                  ● Fresh ​​Baked ​​Croissants​​ w/​​ local ​​jams
                  ● Macarons

About ​​AC​​ Hotels​​ by ​​Marriott: 
AC​​ Hotels ​​by ​​Marriott​®​,​​ a ​​lifestyle​​ brand​​ that​​ celebrates​​ a​​ new​​ way​​ to ​​hotel complemented​​ by​​ a ​​European​​ soul and ​​Spanish ​​roots, ​​boasts ​​more ​​than ​​100 design-led​​ hotels ​​in​​ 10​​ countries ​​and​​ territories. ​​Design-driven ​​AC Hotels​​ by Marriott​®​​​ feature ​​modern​​ design​​ for ​​modern​​ business, ​​including ​​buzzing​​ AC Lounges, ​​the ​​perfect ​​place for​​ locals ​​or​​ visitors​​ to​​ get​​ work​​ done​​ in​​ style​​ or​​ to enjoy ​​handcrafted​​ cocktails ​​and​​ tapas.​​ High-design​​ guest rooms​​ and​​ public​​ spaces with ​​sleek​​ furnishings and ​​intuitive ​​technology ​​features,​​ such​​ as​​ the​​ Media​​ Salons and AC ​​Libraries,​​ inspire ​​and​​ connect. ​​AC ​​Hotels ​​by​​ Marriott​®​​​ is ​​proud​​ to participate ​​in​​ the ​​industry’s ​​award-winning loyalty ​​program, ​​Marriott​​ Rewards​®​, which ​​includes​​ The​​ Ritz-Carlton ​​Rewards​®​.​​ Members ​​can​​ now ​​link​​ accounts with Starwood​​ Preferred​​ Guest​®​​​ at​​​​ ​​​for​​ instant​​ elite​​ status matching​​ and ​​unlimited​​ points transfer.​​ For ​​more ​​information,​​ visit​, ​​and ​​follow​​ us ​​on​​​​ Facebook​, ​​​​Twitter​,​​ and Instagram​.