Exterior PVDF Aluminum Composite Material Supplier

The PVDF aluminum composite panel, also called Fluorocarbon Spraying Aluminum composite panel or Polyvinylidene Fluoride coating composite panel, is made using two sheets of special corrosion resistant aluminum bonded to a sole polyethylene core material. The front aluminum is comprised of a coat of PVDF (Fluor resin) paint is used at the front of the aluminum and is very durable along with having weather resistant properties. Because of these features, this aluminium composite material has become a very popular cladding material in various parts of the world.

Using a complex mixture of fluorocarbon resin combined with fluorine enzyme as the basic monomer, paint, alcohol ester solvent and accessory ingredients, the molecular structure in the coating is very compact. This is because it is baked in a high temperature when it is being formed into a film, this process provides the composite panel with powerful weather resistance attributes. The fluorocarbon coating falls into conventional fluorocarbon coating. And the Conventional fluorocarbon is made of KYNAR500 fluorocarbon and is later solidified into film formation on the surface successfully after three coats and three bake. The superior quality coating provides the PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel with good acid and alkali resistance, and allows the panel to stand the test of severe environment such as heat, dryness, humidity and cold . So, PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel has no irregular depigment within 15 to 20 years, which is actually more applicable for exterior decoration of architectures and curtain wall decoration of major constructional projects that have high request for weather resistance materials.