Adam M

Migrating to a new FreeAgent accountant is easy

Are you looking to switch your accountancy provider and migrate your existing FreeAgent account? If you are, keep reading.

To get the process in motion, you will firstly need to email FreeAgent – In this email, please explain your current circumstances and your desire to leave ‘Accountancy Y’ to join ‘Accountancy Z’. Please include as much information as possible, including your desired transfer day, the contact information for your existing and new accountant, etc.

FreeAgent will then contact your existing and new accountant, letting them both know your desire to transfer and to migrate your FreeAgent account. Your new accountant will contact you to discuss the processes involved and what they will need from you. This will probably be a simple series of questions that they will ask all of their new clients.

If FreeAgent does not hear from your current accountant for 5 days, they will automatically transfer your account to your new accountant, providing you grant them permission.

In some situations, you may be unreasonably forced into finding a new accountant because your existing provider has failed to perform to your expectations. If you believe your business accounts could be incomplete and in a bit of a mess, contact your new accountant and explain your situation. You may find that they offer a backdating service for a small fee or sometimes free of charge.

If your current accountant has neglected their duties, you may face HMRC penalties for the late submission of important documentation. If this is the case, your new accountant should be able to help you get up-to-date swiftly and provide guidance to help you fight the penalties that you believe are unreasonable. If the circumstances for receiving fines were outside your control, you may be able to successfully appeal them.

Bluebird Accountancy is an official partner of FreeAgent and provides modern and professional accountancy for freelancers and contractors. They are offering a price match and back-dating service for new clients who are transferring from another FreeAgent accountant. You can find more information on their latest offer on their website. Alternatively, please call their professional accountants on 0808 301 2389