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Adidas Creates the Future of Footwear

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017 - Adidas releases the first "Futurecraft" series sneaker. The sneaker is created by Futurecraft 4D, the most innovative 4D printer on the market. This shoe is customized to be molded to the customers foot by an in store process. The customer will run on the treadmill to get measurements of exact pressure points and contours. This process only takes 20 minutes and the customer will leave with a custom fit shoe because "Impossible is Nothing". 

Adidas Creative Director, Paul Gaudio is ready for this advancement. "Futurecraft is our sandbox. It is how we challenge ourselves every day to explore the boundaries of our craft. Driving material and process innovation, bringing the familiar into the future. Marrying the qualities of handcrafting and prototyping with the limitless potential of new manufacturing technologies. Futurecraft is stripped back – fast, raw and real – it is our approach to design." No other company has adopted this design technique yet. The difference between this sneaker and other sneakers on the market is the material used. In an article by GQ magazine, Jake Woolf explains, "Adidas was creating the first ever 3D printed soles for its sneakers that use a liquid polymer as opposed to the solid plastic used in previous versions." The release of the Futurecraft series will be coming soon. 

To find out more information about the Futurecraft series, go to these links below: 

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