5 Diets to Try this Holiday Season

This holiday season, it is quite important that we control our cravings so that we don't indulge on foods.

As you know, Christmas season is time we spend more with families and friends. Along with this are food festivities that are unavoidable.

So before you enjoy your holidays this coming months, why don't you try any of the following five dieting plans that might be helpful for your slimming program.

Lemon Diet Detox

Lemon diet or also known as Master Cleanse, is a type of dieting regimen that primarily works by cleansing your body of toxins and harmful substances.

Detoxification might not be new to you, but this type of diet uses only a special lemonade recipe that consist of maple syrup, cayenne, water and of course, lemons.

Some of the benefits of this diet includes treatment of stomach ulcers, eliminating body parasites, reduction in swelling and pain, weight loss, energy boost, strengthens the immune system and many others.

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Cleansing Diet

Cleansing diet is way different than the previous one above. It is a simple eating regimen that restricts you from eating foods for a certain period of time.

Cleansing or more known as Detox Diet, starts by focusing on your digestive system. Detoxifying your digestive system can help improve your overall health.

Some of the advantages of cleansing diet includes weight loss, enhances body systems, strengthens your immunity, boosts your energy and mental health.

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Zone Diet

Zone diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears, a hormone expert.

This type of dieting resolves the issue of hormone imbalance. It focuses on moderation and balance, hormonal balance as well as the influence of dietary balance on your digestive health and hormone production.

Foods that you can eat are skinless chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables and fruits. If you want to lose weight further with zone diet, you have to follow regular exercise.

Zone diet might not be for everyone though some dieters claim that this program is quite effective for weight loss. Read more about Zone Diet here.

Paleo Diet

Paleo is a modern nutritional dieting program designed to mimic the lifestyle of humans during the paleolithic period. This idea of dieting program was supported by popular dietitians worldwide though there are also some critics who are against it.

Known also as a caveman diet, this regimen is consists of eating wild plants which are the only foods that are available during the paleolithic era.

This doesn't mean that you will consume raw meat, but you will of course, encouraged to avoid modern foods such as processed meats, refined sugar, dairy products, grains and many others.

Since paleo diet offers a more natural diet, some experts agree that this type of eating regimen promotes a more healthier outcome.

Cinnamon Diet

As you know, most dietary supplements contains cinnamon due to its alleged weight loss benefits.

This is where cinnamon diet comes in. According to some diet experts, following cinnamon diet promotes healthy brain function, good blood sugar levels, healthy heart, provides a lot of antioxidants and of course, triggers weight loss.