Vintez Presents A 23 Inch Privacy Screen Offering Best Protection To A LCD Computer Monitor

(October 04, 2016) - Offering enhanced privacy features, the computer screen privacy filter can keep all of the details relating to personal documents and online correspondence of the users private even in public environments. This makes the 23 privacy screen perfect accessory to be used in the various high traffic areas. The screen is made in a way that only the individuals sitting directly in front of the monitor can properly see the images on the screen. The others sitting on both side of the screen can only view a darkened screen. A computer privacy screen is a much-needed accessory that helps to protect your privacy and computer screen from possible scratches and damages. Vintez is a reputed manufacturer of computer privacy screen filter and anti-glare that is known for presenting quality product which offer enhanced protection for computer monitor screens. Vintez presents a computer privacy screen 23 inches that can protect the privacy and fragile LCD monitor panels from scratches and everyday damage.
The innovatively designed blackout privacy filter also comes with a reversible matte or glossy surfaces which allow the users to choose between either of the two surfaces as they work on the computer screen. The 23-inch privacy screen can be easily attached to or detached from the screen as and when the users want. The computer screen privacy filter crafted by Vintez is suited for 23 inch LCD monitors having an aspect ratio of 16:9. The package in which this Vintez computer screen privacy filter comes also includes a microfiber cleaning cloth, optically clear adhesive attachment strips, slide mount tabs, installation instructions as well as extra installation kits. User-friendly and convenient, this Vintez product can be the ideal addition to any computer unit for added protection.

About Vintez
Vintez is a manufacturer of computer accessories that are known for their reliability and efficiency. Their computer privacy screen filter extensively used by private and business computer owners.   

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