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Things To Know Before Getting Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty has been trending in the world of medicine. This surgery is specially chosen for a certain alteration in the appearance of a person. The changes are done in the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. This then brings an aesthetic change and also improves the vision. Moreover, eyelid surgery is popular in the eastern and southeastern parts of Asia and people from that region often considered eyelid surgery in India. People choose eyelid surgery for various reasons. 

Eyelid surgery is usually done for cosmetic reasons, however it can also be used way to improve eyesight in seniors where sagging upper eyelids get in the way of their vision.

Whatever the reasons for choosing eyelid surgery, there are things to consider before proceeding. 

To begin with, we must know the types of eyelid surgery. As we have mentioned above, there are three types of eyelid surgeries. 

Let us know more about them:

  • Upper eyelid surgery

People who are seeking an improved vision and appearance opt for this surgery. It helps by making the eyes appear big and round since the surgery focuses on the upper lid. The sagging is uplifted, making the vision clear.

  • Lower eyelid surgery

If you are facing trouble with your eye bags and wrinkles and that lowers your confidence, then this surgery can help you. Lower eyelid surgery helps you get rid of wrinkles and enhance your appearance.

  • Double eyelid surgery

As the name suggests, it is the combination of both the surgeries mentioned above. This one is the most famous one and people usually go for this type. It treats both the upper and lower eyelid.

What are the precautions that need to be taken?

Before opting for eyelid surgery, it is important that you know certain crucial precautionary tips for best results and minimum risk. Eyelid is a sensitive body part; therefore, you must research before getting one done. It is advised to talk to your doctor before opting for the surgery. Sometimes, you may have an underlying medical condition that you might not be aware of. Discussing the entire process with your doctor can help you take a well-informed decision. 

If everything goes well, ask your family doctor to help you find a reliable surgeon. Make sure the surgeon knows your medical history. Also, be mentally prepare by studying well about the side effects and precautions. Moreover, remember do not get nervous before the surgery and stay calm. 

What is the cost of eyelid surgery in India?

If you are looking for eyelid surgery in India, you'll find a lot of reputed hospitals at your rescue. Finding a suitable one can depend on your budget and needs. Moreover, before you plan on having eyelid surgery, you must plan out all your finances. The essential cost of eyelid surgery in India is approximately USD 1,500 or 1,05,954 INR.

What are the side effects of the surgery?

When you are planning this significant step, you should know that all surgeries have some basic risk. Similar is the case for eyelid surgery. The risk can be increased if you do not take the necessary precautions or do not share the medical history with your doctor. Some common risks you might face have after eyelid surgery are:

  • Allergy from anaesthesia
  • Dry and watery eyes
  • Blurred and double vision
  • Bleeding and infection
  • Numbness

The risks depend on your medical history and lifestyle. However, to keep yourself away from any danger, you can help yourself with some home remedies and self-care. This self-care includes proper diet, cold compression, quitting smoking, protect your eyes from dust and direct light, and report any complication to your surgeon immediately. 

We all deserve a strong and clear vision to enjoy the beautiful world around us. Hence, if you are facing any problem, you should consider opting for the surgery.