Alex John

Tips To Help You Buy a Bong

If you want to buy as bong and at the right price, then this guide is meant for you. Here you will learn how to find the best water pipe to suit your smoking needs and your budget. There are many types of hookahs, water pipes and bong on the market, and there are factors to consider when it comes to selecting one.

Bongs are mainly used to smoke tobacco or marijuana, and offer a smoother smoking experience than standard pipes or joints. This is because bongs contain ice or/and water, which cools the smoke before it reaches your lungs and throat. It is also possible to take large puffs from your bong, meaning you will only need fewer tokes compared to the other methods of smoking.

How to choose a bong

Buying a bong can be a confusing task to do even when you visit a top online headshop. This is because water pipes come in different sizes, materials and shapes. The two most important factors to keep in mind are storage space and your budget. If you have a small amount of cash and a small bedroom to stash the water pipe, a small hand held bong is good for you. If money is not a problem and the bong will be the centerpiece of the living room, then go for an ornate colorful 6 footer. Many people fall somewhere in between.

The material from which your bong is made from can make a difference in price, as well as the taste of smoke. The glass bongs are usually the priciest, and unluckily the most delicate. However, glass bongs provide you with a pure smoking experience because it doesn’t produce any vapors or fumes when they are heated, unlike bongs made from other materials. Glass bongs are also the most attractive, and many of the glass bongs get creative with their bongs create true masterpieces.

You can choose to go with acrylic bongs as they are less expensive and don’t break easily. For those with delicate palate or a weed purist, however be careful because you can taste the plastic.

How to select the right head shop

Now that you have an idea about what you need and the budget, it is now time to go and purchase the bong. This can be done in two ways; you can check the internet for top online headshop or head out to a local smoking accessory store. This will mostly depend on where you live because some cities have a plethora of stocked head shops but others have none at all. Whichever route you choose, however, remember that you should be atheist 18 years of age to be allowed to buy a bong online or in a store. Actually, most head shops will not let you past the front door unless you are in a position of proving to them that you are an adult.

Completing your purchase

You’ve now found the right bong for your needs and in a store you trust. It’s now time to pay and go home. If you’re purchasing it from a physical store, ensure that the attendant wraps your bongs well, so that it is protected. You will obviously not be able to get a refund if your bong gets destroyed on your way home. Once you get home, take good care of your bong. Clean your bong regularly to ensure that resin doesn’t build up to clog the stem and stink up your smoke.