Alin Pogan

OnePlus 5 and that criticized design: product manager defends it

The release of the first official rendering of OnePlus 5 has done a lot of talk about the undeniable affinity with the latest iPhones. It is not surprising, then, that design has been one of the issues at the heart of the recent Q & A session held by a OnePlus Product Manager using the Zhihu platform (dedicated to such sessions and similar to Quora).

First, the manager points out that it is not possible to judge the design and construction of the smartphone relying solely on two-dimensional images, which do not render justice to the body curves and the feeling that the terminal returns during use. The images, moreover, are unable to represent the quality of the product and the care done.

Similar criticisms, the product manager remembers, had been addressed to OnePlus 3T, following the diffusion of the first images that portrayed it: design had been called horrible and boring, but once seen and touched the terminal, the opinion On appearance and construction had changed in the best.

There is no hint at the back projection camera: the alternative was to sacrifice the quality of the camera or to allow the integration of quality components that consequently increase the thickness of the module. Given that one of the criticisms of the previous models was the photographic quality, the company opted for the second solution.

OnePlus juice is: wait to test it before judging it. Even though the first public reactions may be overwhelming in the 'callbacks' of smartphone design, seeing and touching live OnePlus 5 could give you different impressions. Please note that the official launch of the top range is set for June 20 next.