Book Review: The picture of Dorian Gray

I bet you've heard about the most famous novel of Oscar Wild, father of narcissism. He considered that we all should love ourselves no matter what and others will fall in love with us as well. He was right to some extent since how another person can love you if your beauty is not enough for you. His novel he dedicated to the matters of beauty and its powers answering the question whether the beauty is strong enough to kill. First of all, I would like to refresh the plot in your mind and describe the matters I consider to be crucial in this novel.

The adventure of the readers to the novel begins in the workshop of Basil Hallward working hard painting young friend of his named Dorian Gray. This day, Lord Henry Wotton pays him a visit and also falls in love with the beauty of the boy. He tells him about the beauty itself and youth, emphasizing that this time should be the most valuable for him since with each year he will grow older and lost all the beauty he has now and looking at the picture he pronounces the famous phrase: “I wish this picture would age instead of me”.

Later, Lord Henry takes him to the theatre when he finds Sibyl Vane, an actress of second-class theatre and falls in love with her. Under the influence of Lord Henry and Mr. Basil who stated that he just fell in love with this girl since she is a worthless actress. Having heard these words from Dorian, the man she loved so much, she committed a suicide.

Some years after this accident, Mr. Basil returns from Paris to visit his friend and take a look at the portrait he did long time ago. However, he could recognize young Dorian, there was a horrible old man on the picture. Basil refuses to believe in such mysterious metamorphosis and threatens to disclose it. Embraced by fear and anger, Dorian kills his friend.

He was almost exposed when he tried to deaden the pain in some God forgotten place. Sibyl Vane's brother recognized him regardless the fact that he looked the same as many years ago. He recalls all the things that he has done and returns home to face his enemy, his own demons, the portrait. Suddenly, he makes up a solution, he should destroy it in order to redeem his sins. He takes the knife and slowly approaches the portrait. One stab and Dorian is dead on the floor. He was found in the morning covered with his own blood. The portrait was undamaged with a young and beautiful boy on it. It will keep his beauty forever.

First of all, I would like to talk about Lord Henry, also a valuable character. You might have recognized Oscar Wild in this one. This character represents his hedonistic philosophy. From the first page of the book, Lord Henry tries to convince him that this is the best period of his life when he is flourishing stating that his beauty is the most valuable thing he has. It was a shock for a young boy. He never even reflected about that, about his future when he will age and lost it. I suppose each of us wisher our beauty and youth never vanished and Oscar Wild made this little dream come true. For now on, this portrait will age instead of him but there is always a price. Oscar wild went further. This portrait was a reflection of his soul and with each evil deed, the portrait became more horrifying.

Whether beauty is such a powerful weapon? Definitely, it is. According to Oscar Wild youth and beauty is priceless and it is worth killing and dying for. I order to hide his secret from others he killed his friend Basil on purpose. However, you don't have to blame Dorian for the things he did. He was just an innocent boy when we first met him. He had a "guardian demon" that pushed him further and further into this deep hole. Remember like Lord Henry convinced Dorian that his love to Sibyl Bane is nothing more than her enticing beauty and he broke her heart. Her death became the first mark on the portrait of his soul. The second mark was the above-mentioned death of Basil.

Another problem I consider to be important is our internal demon. We all have one we just don’t have such portrait to see it. You should be very brave in order to face your demon let alone manage to kill him. However Dorian appears to be brave enough to pay for his sins. Too many lives paid for his youth and they should be revenged. Big Paper Writer - Custom Writing Company