Alpaca Direct

Now Alexa Can Keep Your Feet Warm

Easy Voice e-Commerce From Alpaca Direct

Alpaca Direct, an online retailer of premium alpaca socks now offers full Voice e-commerce capabilities with Amazon Alexa devices.

Alpaca socks are warmer than wool and soft like cashmere. Alpaca socks have grown in popularity among fashionistas and the luxury sock market for their unique hollow core fibers that work like a radiator wrapped around your foot. The socks also wick away moisture better than traditional socks made from wool, cotton and synthetics.

Alpaca socks are one of those products that creates their own demand once people have experienced it for themselves. According to retailers like Alpaca Direct (, the demand for alpaca socks is directly linked to the number of consumers who have been exposed to the luxury wool with a large portion of their customer base becoming repeat buyers. 

Alpaca socks have become a holiday favorite for a practical, unique gift that truly adds value for the recipient.

Now customers can order news socks and reorder their favorite alpaca socks via Amazon Alexa, check on order status and order more socks using only their voice. When using the Amazon Show devices, users can view the socks and sock colors prior to purchasing.

Checkout is seamless using the integrated Amazon Pay service.