At Alphabet Secretarial, the emphasis has always been on accuracy and efficiency. And with its superior transcription services comes with more than twenty years of experience in the industry.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2016 – When it comes to transcription, Alphabet Secretarial understands full well how important it is to provide clients with the service they expect and deserve. The company has been in existence for 21 years, and it has numerous satisfied clients under its belt. There is a lot of cause for celebration at Alphabet Secretarial indeed, as it can honestly say that it has only improved its services and kept itself up-to-date in its 21-year operations.

Apart from providing clients with specialised transcription services ranging from corporate transcription to academic transcription, medical and pharmaceutical transcription, and more, Alphabet Secretarial takes pride in the fact that its services are more accurate than most. As Alphabet Secretarial attests: “When you use the services of a transcription company you shouldn’t have to correct their errors. Since 1995, we are proud to have delivered exceptionally high quality documents from audio transcription. Our researchers and proofreaders take care to ensure we’ve used the right abbreviations, acronyms and terms, spelt correctly, as they have been spoken.”

But one other aspect which sets Alphabet Secretarial apart is that it uses only native English speakers – those who have grown up with the language and consider it their mother tongue. Alphabet Secretarial confidently asserts that it never outsources any of its projects abroad or offshore – all of its expert transcribers can speak, write, and understand English as their native tongue. This in itself is already a big advantage for Alphabet Secretarial’s clients, as the transcribers have an innate knowledge of the English language and can also distinguish accent differences as well as local expressions and colloquialisms.

Alphabet Secretarial also distinguishes itself from other transcription companies with its expertise when it comes to complicated recordings. “We have become experts in deciphering complex recordings due to our longevity in the industry. Our sought-after team is incredibly experienced and able to interpret multiple speakers, dialects, pitches and sounds, turning verbal conversations into legible, clear transcripts,” Alphabet Secretarial adds. Furthermore, Alphabet Secretarial, even though it offers its services remotely, can easily be contacted. Clients who have questions or concerns can always give the company a ring or send them an email, and their questions or concerns will be promptly addressed.

In its 21 years of experience, it’s no wonder that Alphabet Secretarial remains a leading name in transcription in the UK and beyond.

About the company: Alphabet Secretarial, recently celebrating its 21st year, is an established transcription company based and operating in the UK. To learn more about its professional transcription services, visit the company website.

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