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2019 and Beyond: Our Path for the Future

Group roadmap coming this summer

A message from Aidan and George


In mid-May, all XXX Directors of Alter Domus from across the world came together in Chicago for two good reasons. First and foremost, to celebrate the completion of the Cortland integration into our Group, and secondly, to ponder, plan and project how our company will grow in the coming years.


The three key messages that guided us through this task were:


Get to Grip – Thoroughly understand what Alter Domus stands for, where we exactly are at this moment in time, and what we want to be

Think Global – The sun never sets on the Alter Domus Group, and embracing and fostering our global footprint has never been more relevant than now


Listen to Clients – Understanding and often anticipating our clients’ needs has been a crucial ingredient in Alter Domus’s success from the very start. No stopping now!


The success and prosperity of the Group is our principle aim, of course, and to ensure we get there in the best-possible way, we have three strong partners in SAP, Oliver Wyman and 4C, who are working with us to make our processes, projects and plans as efficient and effective as they can be. Many of you will have already come into contact with one or more of these consultants as they learn about our Group. Their feedback is invaluable to us, and we thank you for taking the time to assist them with their work.


Bringing all these elements together will set us on the path towards the vision that Alter Domus has always followed, and which was underlined by our Chairman Dominique Robyns at the 15-year event last September: We Want to be the Leaders in Smart Support


This summer, we will present our roadmap for the future of Alter Domus, which will set out how we will develop over the coming four years. The five focus areas of this roadmap will be:

Build a diverse, engaged, high-performance organisation

Build our operational capability to support strong growth

Drive productivity to enable efficiency and re-investment

Grow the core businesses

Launch new growth engines


At the heart of this roadmap will be you. We will ensure you have the tools you need to work effectively, that the processes you follow are clear and concise, and that any obstacles that prevent you from providing the service our clients expect are removed.


We will of course be communicating again once the roadmap is in place, and each of the key leaders will take the opportunity to present how their role and their team will work towards achieving our five focus areas.


As always, if you have any questions or queries, both George and I are happy to hear from you.


Keep up the good work !


Aidan and George