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The Function Of E-Cigarettes – Must Know for the Beginners

In the past few years, there are a lot of talk about the safety of e-cigarettes, the terminology of steaming and also the use of e-cigarettes. The functioning of e-cigarettes is, however, especially newcomers still a mystery.

This all sounds a bit complicated, especially when we start talking about different types of batteries, cartomizer and tank settings. We are, however, endeavoring to explain the principle of a function here in simple terms. Basically, an e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that vaporizes a liquid that normally contains nicotine. This definition applies to all e-cigarettes, no matter how they look. The principle of operation is essentially the same for all e-cigarettes - no matter which model you choose.


The heart of every e-cigarette is the battery. E-cigarettes are usually operated by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is used because of its high energy-intensive and slow discharge. These batteries are available in different sizes and capacities but the basic design is in all cases the same. The selection of the battery determines the power with which the e-cigarette can be operated. Automatic batteries are operated with 3.7 volts, manual with 4.2 volts. This difference is noticeable in performance. More power means more steam and consequently a stronger flash. In addition, there are variable-voltage models where the user can select any voltage between 3.3V and 4.8V.


If the battery is the heart of the e-cigarette, the evaporator is the brain. An evaporator is the component of the e-cigarette, which is responsible for the evaporation of the e-liquid. The term is broadly understood and is often used to the same extent as the "evaporator head". Evaporators are available in different housings, from cartomizers to tanks, but they perform essentially the same function.

The evaporator head is a tiny heating element. Just like a heating element or the thread in a light bulb is usually a short piece of wound wire. The rechargeable battery supplies the evaporator head with energy, thereby heating it up. As soon as the operating temperature is reached, the e-liquid is evaporated. The resulting steam is inhaled. The resistance of the evaporator head determines the overall performance of the unit. The wire used for the production of the evaporator head has a certain resistance.


We now know the two main components of each e-cigarette: the battery and the evaporator. Somehow, however, these two elements must also be connected to one another. On the top of each battery is a metal needle surrounded by a threaded cylinder. At the foot of each cartomizer or tank is a matching needle or a corresponding cylinder. When the two screws are screwed together, the needles meet and the circuit is closed so that the battery can supply the evaporator with power.


You should be aware while choosing the Best Vape Mod since there are many inferior products on the market which at best offer poor performance but in the worst case can be dangerous. Therefore, make sure that the selected set comes from a reputable supplier and observe the associated safety instructions.