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A synopsis about the gaskets

Most of the gaskets are used in the sealing applications. They enable you to bind two layers without much difficulty. There are varieties of gaskets available to serve the needs of the customers. All the products from Ami Polymer private limited are unique in features and best in quality. Depending on the content and manufacturing process the gaskets were widely classified as silicone inflated gaskets, molded type, FBD inflated gaskets etc. In this article let us obtain a synopsis about these products so that you will be able to identify the right product based on your requirement.

Gasket products

The inflatable gaskets are the gaskets which get inflated under extreme pressure conditions. Based on its applications the gaskets are classified as Silicone inflated gaskets, FBD inflated gaskets etc. They also differ by their contents used in the manufacturing process. If you consider Silicone inflated gaskets it employs high quality silicone with inflation range from 5mm to 20mm under the pressure condition of 2-4 kg/cm2. The silicone inflated gaskets has a good chemical inertness with transparency. This product is mostly used in fluid bed dryers as coaters, door seals etc. The FBD inflatable gaskets are designed in such a way it has excellent elastic features with good tensile strength. This product is widely used in the pharmaceutical industries.

The foremost application is to seal the machine parts and protect it from external interference of air, oxygen or any chemical substances which might lead to worn out of the parts within short period of time. Using the proper sealing applications you will be able to maintain the machines for a long run without any external interruptions.

If you consider molded gaskets, here the normal gaskets have been subjected to molding process in order to exactly match with the customer’s needs without any compromises. This product is designed as per the requirement of the customers. The content of the gaskets used in the manufacturing process remains the same the only difference is that the shape has been molded in order to provide a best fit for the application purposes.

Customer service

The Ami Polymer private limited excels in the production of above discussed products and serve their customer with high quality product to deliver them on time without any excuses. This organization has professionally skilled employees to make an innovative change in their design for each and every product before proceeding with the real time manufacturing process in order to get pace with the evolving technologies in this field.

The team of member is available round the clock to respond to your query in relative to your purchase. They suggest the best products based on your requirement without any excuses. These inflated gaskets have been employed in variety of sealing applications like airlock door seals, nuclear door seals, robotics and fluid sealing etc. It provides an effective sealing for better business processing. These products were subjected to numerous tests under extreme pressure, temperature conditions before being displayed for sales.


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