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Devine Score Releases First Single "Unrelenting"

Founder of Devine Score, Zac Settles, Releases New Single From Debut EP

Los Angeles, CA, - August 10, 2018  Devine Score is a music scoring company creating stories for television and film with music. The company’s work has been featured in several short and feature films. Composer Zac Settles, the founder of Devine Score, is releasing his debut single "Unrelenting" to offer his musical abilities on a larger scale. The EP’s make-up, is an assortment of fierce grooves, driving rhythms, and tight arrangements, resulting in a progressed and adventurous musical composition.

"Unrelenting" is the first single of the debut studio EP "Pinnacle" from DEVINE SCORE. The company is embarking on a rather unique musical journey. Rooted symphonically in nature, with hints of rock and a dalliance of hip-hop, Devine Score offers a much welcomed wide-ranged stylistic mix. "Unrelenting", surely unveils the symphonic epic influence, delivering strong percussive punches, coupled with a high level of intensity, while maintaining a consistent line of grooviness and orchestral rhythmic muscle. 

Settles never intended on creating an EP. However, after he completed the score for his first feature film, there was a lapse in time before his next scoring project was due to begin. During this time, the idea to embark on creating "Pinnacle" was born.

"Pinnacle" takes listeners on a journey. It delivers tension filled piano, emotional cinematic nuances, sweeping orchestral arrangements while maintaining high levels of energy. The spirit of Devine Score, is a perfect example of how genres can collide and result in something authentic. "Pinnacle", while heavily orchestrally influenced, diverges from classical traditions and lands itself in the company of newly acclaimed musical arenas like classical crossover.

Devine Score’s debut single "Unrelenting" is available on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music.

About Devine Score

Devine Score is a musical composition company using music as a storytelling tool for film and television. Founded in 2015 by Zac Settles, the company has taken the entertainment industry head on. Since its inception, Devine Score has created scores for two feature films as well as many short films. Success is only beginning for Settles as he now embarks on the journey of releasing an EP. You can find more information about Devine Score on his website.