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YHN Hammertime Releases Music Video For New Single "Cash Out" March 5th

Lead Single from New Mixtape "Gang Meets Gang"

Los Angeles, CA - March 8, 2019 There is a flurry of activity and events surrounding the release of YHN Hammertime’s new music video "Cash Out" including giveaways and supplemental video content. "Cash Out" is the lead single off the rap/hip-hop artist’s first official mixtape "Gang Meets Gang." "Cash Out" is a follow up to his previous single, "Put in Work" featuring DC native rapper Fat Trel.

"Cash Out’ was shot in Miami Florida after YHN HammerTime’s first official Performance at Art Basel 2018. The song is the anthem that celebrates women who are bosses in their own right. Take a closer listen to the lyrics and you will hear the rising star highlighting the beauty, style and confidence of what he considers a bad b*tch.

"Cash Out" was released by the label Young Hustle Nation. Management by Alyssa Huff and M. Lamin and the video was shot by Chasity Corset.

To tag along with the single release and video, YHN Hammertime hosted a shoe giveaway where he gave away two pairs of "Yeezy 350 Static Reflective V2. You can also check out his fitness video featuring strong, active women that the single celebrates featuring a challenging workout set to the track. A choreographed dance routine for the single will also be released, so viewers can dance along at home.

To keep up with YHN Hammertime, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

About YHN Hammertime

YHN Hammertime is a rap/hip-hop artist based in Washington DC. He often collaborates with fellow artists from the DC area. After a string of single releases, he has released his first official mixtape "Gang Meets Gang." You can listen to or watch past releases on SoundcloudiTunesSpotify, and YouTube. Keep up with new releases from the artist on Instagram.