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Rap Artist Chazo Thrills With Latest Single "Money Make World Go Round"

New Album Coming Soon

Los Angeles, CA - March 20, 2019  Harlem, NY based rap/hip-hop artist Chazo has blazed his own path through the music industry and redefined how success can be attained. With his distinct vocal style he has emerged as a unique talent, and his business acumen is unparalleled as the head of his own publishing company. His latest single "Money Make World Go Round" showcases Chazo in his element.

Smooth vocals open "Money Make World Go Round," taking the track to a high note before dropping into a slick and persistent flow that will have listeners sit up and take notice. Streetwise lyrics provoke emotions while also stimulating thought. Vocal loops recur throughout the track to maximize the effect of the lyrics.

Chazo was in charge of both the creative and technical aspects of production. The track is available on iTunesSpotify, and Tidal.

The singularity of vision throughout Chazo’s work is no surprise given his background in business. In 2010 he launched his own publishing company, Familyloyaltyoughtawin Music. He was also offered a record contract from RCA that same year.

Chazo is always hard at work on new material. His album "Good Food, Good Women, Good Vibes" is coming soon to all major music platforms. He’s looking forward to announcing a release date later this year. Keep up with Chazo on Instagram for updates.

About Chazo

Chazo is a rap/hip-hop artist from Harlem, New York. As the head of his own publishing company, Familyloyaltyoughtawin Music, which was founded in 2010, he has grown as both a businessman and an artist. His current single "Money Make World Go Round" is currently rising on Spotify. You can follow Chazo on Instagram for updates.