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Rapper Ricky Gramz Rebrands As Hundred Round Kado

Announces New Project "White Kargo" For Imminent Release

Los Angeles, CA - April 1, 2019 — Boston based rap and hip hop artist Hundred Round Kado isn’t a newcomer to the music business. He’s been rapping and creating for the past 10 years but under a different artist name. The new moniker acknowledges Kado’s Haitian roots and blazes an exciting new path for the musician going forward.

Kado creates compelling pictures with his lyrics that draw listeners in. Universal life experiences and an aggressive, melodic sound combine for a thrilling listening experience.

For most of his career, Kado worked under the artist name Ricky Gramz. However after being released from jail in 2016, the rapper decided It was time for a change. He explored tacking on his legal last name and going by Kado Barlatier but advice from seasoned rappers Malik Yusef And Vic Mensa convinced him to go by Hundred Round Kado as it was more fitting with his explosive style. His new identity as Hundred Round Kado embraces his Haitian background, which is essential to his work and his audience since he raps in both English and French Creole. "Kado" means gift in French Creole, and his work has truly been a gift to the New England music scene. Kado’s past life experiences, his relationship with his daughters and his roots have shaped his identity as one of the most influential and versatile artists in recent memory.

"I don't rap, I make my life rhyme," says Hundred Round Kado when asked about why he makes music. This guiding force has pushed him to release a number of projects including "King of the Triple Beam Volume 1," "Kokaine Fever," "King of the Triple Beam Volume 2" and "Marilyn Gunroe" and his latest projects "Alive At A Wake" and "Whistling Through The Graveyard." He’s a frequent presence on stages across the country including performances at SXSW in 2017 and 2018.

Hundred Round Kado is looking forward to announcing a release date for his new project "White Kargo" in the upcoming months. Listen to Kado’s past work on Soundcloud, or follow him on social media, FacebookYoutube, Snapchat (@the100roundkado),YouTube, Twitter (@100roundkado)and Instagram (@ hundredroundkado), for updates.

About Hundred Round Kado

Hundred Round Kado is a rap and hip-hop artist based in Boston, Massachusettes. On the scene since 2009, Hundred Round Kado has released a number of projects including "King of the Triple Beam Volume 1," "Kokaine Fever," "King of the Triple Beam Volume 2" and "Marilyn Gunroe" under the artist name Ricky Gramz. His rebranding as Hundred Round Kado has allowed him to celebrate his Haitian roots and connect more deeply with both English speaking and French Creole speaking audiences. His latest projects "Alive At A Wake" and "Whistling Through The Graveyard" are available now, the release date for a new project, "White Kargo," will be announced soon. Follow Hundred Round Kado on Facebook, Snapchat (@the100roundkado),YouTube, Twitter (@100roundkado)and Instagram (@ hundredroundkado).