André's Confiserie Suisse

André's Confiserie Suisse offers the sweetest gifts for Valentine’s Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (January 28, 2020) – André's Confiserie Suisse has you covered with plenty of options for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, including chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate hearts filled with its infamous chocolate covered almonds, heart tortes and more. Through three generations of Swiss confiseurs and more than sixty-five years in business, the local, family-owned chocolatier has perfected its Valentine’s Day selections.


Valentine’s Day Treats at André's


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 

Long-stem strawberries dipped in signature milk, white or dark chocolate.   


Heart-Shaped Chocolate Candy Boxes

André’s most traditional Valentine’s Day gift. Available with Assorted Chocolates or Selection Maison (house selection of truffles) in a 5 piece, 11 piece or 24 piece box.


Chocolate​ ​Almond or Candy Filled Chocolate Hearts

André’s signature chocolate molded into a heart shape, wrapped in foil and filled with chocolate almonds or an assortment of traditional chocolate candies. 


Truffle Hearts

Delicate chocolate heart shell filled with a rich, creamy chocolate center. Flavors include Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Irish Cream and Aztec Cinnamon Chili Pepper.


Rocher Heart

Fresh roasted, slivered almonds mixed with André’s signature milk or dark chocolate, shaped into a heart, and filled with an assortment of chocolate candies.


Nougat Heart  

A heart shell made of caramelized almonds and sugar filled with chocolate almonds or a traditional assortment of chocolate candies.  


Chocolate Champagne Split Bottle 

André’s signature milk or dark chocolate molded into a bottle shape then filled with milk or dark chocolate covered almonds.  


Heart Torte

André’s classic and decadent tortes are now in a seasonal heart shape and available in various flavors.


Heart Pastries 

André’s signature French pastries, made with cake and buttercream, shaped like a heart and covered in fondant icing and decorated by hand.


This list is just the beginning of the Valentine’s products André’s has to offer. Other items include various heart-shaped items such as Gingerbread Hearts, Pecan Heart Cookies, Amandine Cookies and Linzer Tortes.


Ship your Valentine’s Day Treats

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About André’s:

André’s Confiserie Suisse is one of America’s premier chocolatiers built upon three

generations of Swiss confiseurs. The multifaceted family-owned business has

been a staple in Kansas City since 1955. André’s Confiserie Suisse is located

at 5018 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64112. Follow André’s on Facebook at, on Twitter @AndresSwiss and on Instagram at

@andresswiss. Visit André’s online at