5 Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone

Every small business needs to have a reliable and cost effective phone service. Older landline phone systems were expensive and difficulty to scale up as the business grows. That is why VoIP has become the preferred option among many business owners. Here are some of the key benefits that VoIP systems offer.

1. VoIP is Simple to Install and Configure

IP phones are quite easy to set up, even when the users have no technical training. Instead of hiring a technician to come and run phone wires through your office complex, you can quickly set up a VoIP phone and get on with your business. The software that comes with IP phones makes it easy to add new users and you can use a web portal to add new users and modify the system's configuration.

2. VoIP Saves Cost

The lower cost is the most important feature of VoIP. Unlike public switched phone networks, using IP phones for long-distance calls can be quite cheap. Rather than using traditional commercial telecom configurations, the voice travels on the internet or over private networks. VoIP cuts down the cost of equipment and maintenance. You can enjoy the integration of all your data traffic and phone calls on unlimited internet plans offered by broadband service providers. You won't need a separate PBX.

3. Rich Media Service

On the old legacy telephone lines, only voice, fax and limited data service is possible. But the present demand of modern users has increased such that users expert a fusion of multimedia, voice, and data services on their phone systems. These are now possible on IP phones. It is possible to know whether your friend or family members are available or busy and you can send short instant messages and make both voice and video calls. All the other conventional call system features available on landlines are on VoIP systems including: call transfer, call hold, call hunt, conference calling and auto-response.

4. Number Portability

In the legacy phone system, your number was attached to a dedicated line so you could not move your home telephone to any other place if you wanted to retain your number. When moving to another house, you would need to call the phone company for a new number. But with IP phones, you can use the same number anywhere you can connect to the server of the phone company. Some business people even take their IP phones with them on business trips and use the same number.

5. VoIP Integrates Well With Business Systems

VoIP systems can be incorporated into business applications that you make use of each day. It is possible to use applications like Outlook to place outbound calls. Customer service can also be enhanced by bringing up a customer record when a customer's call comes in. In fact, voice mail can be accessed through email when employees travel out of their base.

With all the benefits of hosted VoIP phones, it is wise to use VoIP technology with your broadband internet service. Leading telecom companies in Canada like Bravotelecom now offer combined broadband and VoIP phone service to meet needs of small business and home owners.