Andrew Jewel

Having Routine Pool Maintenance: Why it is Important

We have a number of ways to entertain ourselves. Certain options will even boost our body fitness and leave us with a well maintained body physique. Among the best options that anyone can have are partying, taking vacations, body workouts, swimming, and other recreational activities. Many high profiled hotels and residential areas also own certain amenities such as swimming pools. But to keep them operating efficiently they must be well maintained. Here are some of the best reasons why you need pool maintenance.

Pool maintenance keeps chemical levels in check. Your pool uses a number of induced chemicals to keep the water free of bacteria, clean, and free of any murky wastes. It is recommended that the water should be tested once a week and to make sure it is well treated. This ensures the right levels of acidity and alkalinity (7.5% - 7.8%), chlorine, calcium, and Cyanuric.

It helps to keep the pool water clean and litter free. Depending on where your pool is situated you could find it littered often. Pools under trees will easily be left full of leaves, public pools can be littered with rags, bottles, and packets. Pool maintenance ensures the litter is removed. Additionally you can also clean up pipes using the “backwash” system and keep them working proprly.

You can keep the pool water levels under check. In certain seasons especially those with heavy rains, your pool’s water levels can increase significantly. This is one main reason why you need pool maintenance. It will help you to drain your pool water to the most suitable levels if you want it half way your skimmer. You can also pump up the water level in case it is low using a hose pipe.

It gives you a chance to service your pool pump. Apart from removing debris and dirt, pool maintenance gives you a chance to service your pool pump. The pool pump is the device used to keep your pool water hygienic and warm. You must make sure the pump is operating efficiently. Today, we have new generation pumps that have control buttons and safety features that are easy to use.

It allows for any repairs and pool’s routine check. Your pool doesn’t have to sustain any damages for you to seek pool maintenance services, no! Sometimes all you need is to give your pool a routine checkup and make sure that everything is in order. Pool maintenance gives you this opportunity. It also allows you to instantly repair damages if any including sealing worn out joints.

It prepares your pool for the seasons say winter. During winter seasons water freezes. Frozen water expands in volume. This can cause pipes to burst or leak. Leakages will damage walls and possibly send your water bills skyrocketing. Pool maintenance ensures your have taken up the right measures to counter such seasons and keep your home and pool safe throughout the winter.


In case you want to give your pool a nice shocking, you should have a routine maintenance plan in place. Always use a professional expert as they have enough experience and they also understand the intricate needs of pool maintenance.


Bacteria cause a number of diseases that are harmful to our health. We don’t need them in our pools. Having routine pool maintenance will help us to bank more on clean and hygienic pools with no health hazards.