Abortion Tips

Indulge Yourself in Physical Activities for Natural Abortion

It is not necessary that pregnancy could always bring a bundle of joy, sometimes it could be a stressful connotation.

If you are too scared to go to a doctor for abortion you can try home remedies as well. However, strenuous exercise triples the chances of abortion.

Here, we have listed few methods to induce abortion with physical methods

1. Lying in prone/ supine position: This position could be suitable for you to evoke chances of abortion. Lying in a prone position (flat on stomach) put pressure on vena cava artery hence resulting in reduced blood flow to the fetus. Therefore, any of the positions are surely effective for abortion.

2. Twisting position: When doing sitting exercise it is recommended to perform an exercise which gives a twist to your abdomen. Twisting of the abdomen may also put strenuous pressure on the stomach leading to chances of miscarriage.

3. Go Jumpee: You can try jumping with a rope. This will cause stress on the abdomen & also fats heart pounding could result in suffocation of fetus. Hence this method is also useful for inducing abortion.

4. Household Chores: Hard household chores include a lot of physical exertion. It could include lifting weight or moving of furniture. An even simple task like cleaning ceiling fans or washing floor by bending and pressurizing abdomen region is opportunity never to miss for a natural abortion. With a little bit of straining could help you on both ways: abortion and a spic and span house.

5. Precarious task: Does household chores make you sulk and you are not adept at it. If you are more of an adventurous person why not try something heart-pounding stuff. Go on a vacation and indulge yourself in horse riding, trekking, skating or sliding. The adventurous activities will double the chance of abortion plus you will be in a happy go mood with all the adventure and memories you experienced. Be careful for not getting hurt while enjoying

6. Sports: If you are an athlete or sportsman personality. Why wait to read further, Go on and play your favorite sport. The chances of getting hurt are also minimal. Sports like ball games, jogging or racquet playing are recommended. You will feel fresh, rejuvenated, lively & your pregnancy load is also reduced in an efficient way. To play sport during trimester pregnancy is not acceptable hence chances of abortion is high with its antithesis.

7. Gym: If any of the above methods are not suitable for you then you can always get back your gym membership and try working out in a gym. Heavyweight training lifts that involve muscle contractions lead to too much stress on the body system. Doing squat is also the best method to terminate your pregnancy. Also, a preferred method of running on thread mill could flow down not only your sweat but fetus as well.

The above-listed methods can be tried with consumption of food(require for abortion) to induce abortion. If any complications arise with these methods it is better to consult a medical practitioner.