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Why hiring a travel agent made for the most relaxing vacation this couple ever had

When you officially decide you are going on a vacation, what's the first thing you do? You start planning.

Questions like: What all is there to do and how much will it cost? Where will we stay? What are the best resorts for our needs/wants?... and all of this within The Budget. The research begins. Yes, there is a multitude of information available online- leading you down rabbit holes of endless web browsing that can make your head spin.

For this reason, the Pickinpaughs hired Travel Agent, Mitzi Hailey with Anywhere Escapes to help with the planning process. After all, vacations are supposed to de-stress, not add to it!

Picture taken during their scuba diving excursion.

Looking to book a vacation to Placencia, Belize for him and his wife, Mr. Pickinpaugh emailed Mitzi Hailey, Travel Agent and owner of Anywhere Escapes Travel. Mitzi immediately went to work, doing what she does best- finding the best deals, suggesting activities and restaurants, and booking all of the travel arrangements. All preparations were made with great care to the couple's budget and personal preferences.

“Mitzi Hailey was instrumental in putting together our vacation. It was absolutely seamless," explained the happy client. "Mitzi was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The service we received was absolutely first rate."

"Our flight schedule, car rental and lodging arrangements were coordinated without any problems. Mitzi booked us into a 4 star resort that was perfect for us to do the activities we requested. The resort was located approximately 15 minutes from Placencia, which offered us a variety of dining and shopping opportunities. The resort was all-inclusive and we enjoyed the accommodations and variety of amenities."

Falls hike through the rainforest.

The Pickinpaughs had a variety of activities they wanted to do and Mitzi was able to coordinate the necessary details, all the way down to their scuba diving excursion. "We had the opportunity to hike to the local falls in the rainforest and swim in the jungle pools, paddle board in the ocean, and scuba dive on the world's 2nd largest barrier reef. The scuba diving was fantastic!" 

In a final statement about his experience working with Mitzi and Anywhere Escapes, he said, "We have traveled to the Caribbean for the past 13 years. Mitzi put together a vacation that was the least stressful and most relaxing of any we have taken before."

For your next vacation, call Anywhere Escapes to take all the stress out of planning! Located at 238 Main St. or call 307-206-1400. Fremont County’s only full service travel agent!

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