Why Everybody Should Use Applications More:

Around 180billion applications are downloaded onto smartphones and devices every year, and this figure is only increasing. There are a standard group of applications that are used on a daily basis, mainly social media and travel apps, such as Facebook, Instagram and Uber. Recent studies have revealed that only a minuscule 60% of us use applications on a daily basis, but there are so many different applications out there, that we need to broaden our horizons and look beyond the ordinary and well-known. App developers build applications with loads of different purposes in mind, some to entertain and to make us smile, others to test our memory and focus, some to assist us in everyday lives and others to help us live a healthier lifestyle. Whatever it is that you are seeking to do, there is sure to be an application to match. Here are some of the most favoured applications available, to get you thinking about living a more app-focused lifestyle…

Photoshop Touch:

Photoshop is extremely useful for graphic designers, marketers and artists alike, and it is known that many social media influencers and celebrities are known to use this programme to enhance their figures and features. Photoshop touch essentially encompasses all of the power of this programme, but at the tip of our fingers (literally). This app is perfect for people who want to take a really “hands on” approach to photo editing, as it allows you to zoom, make sweeping alterations and pretty much anything you can think of on a smartphone or smart device. There are alternatives to Photoshop touch, which allow people to add filters and make simple adjustments to their pictures, but there is no doubt what Photoshop Touch is far superior and advanced in comparison.


If you’re somebody who loves to lead a healthy lifestyle and work out, but who hates the gym or simply doesn’t have the time to go, then the Fitonomy app is a perfect download and lifestyle choice to make. This is essentially a fitness trainer and health guru all rolled into one. It allows you to access personalised workout programmes that you can complete at home or on the go. This is perfect for the workaholic.


There are so many niche apps available to suit anybody’s desires. Hyderabad is an app designed for the green fingered bunch who love to partake in a bit of gardening. This was designed by a German start up company, with the intention to help failing agricultural companies and businesses. The premise of this app is to take a picture of a plant, and the advanced software and technology will link up to a database and inform the user of any nutrient deficiency or diseases that the plant may have.

Apps are all about catering to the individual and any specific needs that they may have. Grab your smart device and have an explore of all of the apps that are available to you today – you may be surprised with what you find, and you may find that it improves your life by a ten fold!