Basic Waffle Maker Guide

There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning with a sweet lingering scent of waffles. Golden honey-combed waffles sprinkled with snow-like icing sugar cannot only make your hearth thump but are also perfect cure of hangover. They are perfect for breakfast and go well with literally every other breakfast special such as maple syrup, bacon jam, blueberries, nutella, whipped cream, banana, among others.

Modern waffle makers are available in three types that include stovetop irons, electric machines, and add-on moulds that can be shoved into the oven. Stovetop irons are simple waffle makers that involve pouring batter into the stove and then holding on the stove until the waffle is full baked. Mold waffle makers are made of silicon and once you pour the batter, you can put then on the oven until the waffle is fully cooked. The electric waffles makers are the most sophisticated tools that are easy to use and help to make the most professional waffle. You can make a chocolate waffles, egg waffles, French toast waffles and many more.

Factors to consider while buying a waffle maker:

i. Evenly distributed cooking system 

Modern waffle makers are designed to include rotate-and-cook system where you can flip the griddle 180-degree using handle. There batteries are evenly distributed and cook more evenly, which ensure that your waffle is properly cooked with no holes. Some waffle makers have beefed-up cooking system that ensures that ensure even cooking.

ii. Cooking plate 

Cooking plate is very important part of a waffle iron as it determines the thickness of the waffle. The traditional classic produce different thickness of waffle as compare with the Belgian waffle iron. The Belgian waffle makers include deeper cooking-plate pockets than traditional one. The best waffle maker depends greatly on your preference. If you like thick fluffy waffles then Belgian model can make the best choice for you. 

iii. Temperature and control settings: 

Most waffle include control that allow you to control color, and texture. Temperature control settings are available in only few waffle maker models. Waffle browning level is controlled using light settings that range from light to dark depending on your taste. Modern waffle iron allows temperature adjustment that makes it easy to make lighter fluffier waffles or crispier waffle. With temperature and coloring controls, you can make perfect waffles every time.

iv. indicator lights and tones: 

One of the best ways of making a perfect waffle is knowing when the waffle maker is ready for batter and when waffle is ready. Most waffle makers include at least an indicator light or audio beeps that help to indicate when waffle is preheated and when it is ready. Waffle maker with audio beep is better because you don’t need to be babysitting the waffle maker. You will be able to hear beep while you are away doing something else.

v. Durability:

Waffle makers are exposed to high heat from time to time and should be made of durable materials. Non-durable metals will wear and warp over time. The best material for making waffle iron includes brushed stainless steel, high performance bronze or chrome. Most popular waffle makers available in the market are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is affordable and distributes heat evenly.


Waffles are tasty, full of syrup and wonderfully simple to prepare. With the best waffle maker, you simply mix the batter and place it in the waffle iron, and wait for the light indicator or beeping tone to inform you that it is ready.

Great waffle maker features a smooth service and grilling surface on the other side, which increase the amount of meals that you can prepare with the device. They feature temperature and color controls that make it easy to control the color and texture of your waffle. Most of the waffle iron includes grease runoff channels on the edges of the waffle ensuring that no steaks and other meals are bogged down with grease. 

There are many advantages of buying waffle maker. It is designed to include cool-touch handles that ensure that you don’t burn your hand when preparing your food. It is easy to clean as you need to wipe down when you are done with cooking. Moreover, it three-in-one functionality allows users to make delicious grilled cheese, pancakes and many other delicious food.