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RYL - Record Your Life project – Recording Everything, Always

The one cool thing about your Android smartphone is that it serves as you own little robotic assistant that comes with virtually anywhere you go. In day to day activities you might find that you need to take some voice notes, interview people who have no time to wait for you’re to get your audio equipment ready, or simply record a conversation for security, for remembering an important moment in your life or just for fun.

If you are looking to record quality audio files on your mobile, you might find that the software that the manufacturer installs on your device is not exactly high end or not user-friendly. This is when downloading a voice recorder app for your smartphone become a viable option for you. Here’s one you should definitely check out - RYL - Record Your Life project.

What is RYL - Record Your Life project?

RYL - Record Your Life project is a new, revolutionary Android tool for recording anything you want, anytime you want! It always runs in the background of your device, allowing you to save the past 2/15/60 minutes or at any point from your last 7 days. It uses an optimized sound compression so you can get a richer and crystal-clear sound quality at a small size. Additionally, the app is easy to use, designed with friendly user interface. Let’s see what it offers.

What does the app offer?

As said, this “Time-Shifting Machine” automatically records everything around you. It stores the recordings locally, in the device itself (in a folder named "RYL Safe") or It can also perform record to cloud. It features an auto-pause option during WhatsApp and Viber calls; a delete mode so you can go back, hear and delete unwanted records of your history; a neat calendar meetings sync option for you to access, hear and share calendar meetings with other participants; and so much more. What we loved the most about RYL - Record Your Life project is its low battery use – it is created to use as minimum resources as possible.

All you have to do is install it on your device and let it automatically launch at startup, with no annoying configurations needed. It’s great to record meetings, important moments & so on. Then you can go on and record and listen.

Save the most precious moments in your life forever, download this incredibly unique app for free from Google Play or get its premium version. It is also available on the App Store.

Google Play Download Link: RYL - Record Your Life project