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Rising damp knows no borders: it is a scourge to any civilisation living in areas featuring damp weather, and as a result, it has affected millions of dwellings. At Aquapol, we believe we have a solution that will function well, anywhere in the world it is taken. And our penchant for sharing took us both north and south of late, to both domestic and foreign grounds, to demonstrate the Aquapol method.

First, the Aquapol team trekked north to Japan. The weather in this country varies through extremes, as marked by its northern location and variance of elevation. The weather ranges from a winter chill to summer typhoons, and precipitation can be heavy, and consistent. Despite masterful architecture, buildings here have suffered considerably over hundreds of years with the problems of rising damp.

These historical buildings are of such cultural value that an invasive solution to the problem was not desirable, at all. Maintaining the original look and foundation of some of these temples and buildings is important to the locals, and more importantly, it is difficult to predict how the building would react to invasive treatment. Through some key meetings and presentations, we are working to introduce the Aquapol solution to our friends to the north.

Later in the month, we headed off again, this time to the south. Tasmania features some of the oldest architecture in the country, relics of the days when it functioned as a penal colony. These buildings can date back to the 16th century. Combined with the rainy, temperate climate of the Southern Ocean, this leads to considerable issues with damp, porous concrete in the walls and foundations. We were proud to be able to introduce some of our units in to these historical dwellings, to preserve them for future generations.

At Aquapol, we provide a solution to the global issue of rising damp, preserving cultural icons for places both near and far. We can do the same for you! Contact us today to find out more.


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