Ways To Use Your Patio Design In Your The Home

Many people fail to treat their patio design as a part of their home at large, which can often mean that the structure ends up looking like an afterthought that doesn’t quite blend with the existing landscape. In this article, we have outlined just some of the ways that you can use the design around your home, ensuring that your home will be the envy of everyone in the neighbourhood.


Consider Privacy

If you only have limited backyard space, you might want to screen your patio area to hide it from view of your neighbours. There are a variety of visually pleasing ways that you can do this, from attractive fencing or tall trees (which will also provide some much-needed shade) to decorative panels or even a hedgerow.

Include Lighting

Exterior lighting can actually perform many functions for your space – it not only ensures safety along walkways, it offers ambience for the space as natural light fades. It can also allow you to dine outside when the sun has already set, preventing the need to squint by candlelight. As such, it should be an integral part of any patio design.

Architectural Cues

A patio built using materials that are in opposition to your home will most certainly look out of place. Instead, use your home’s architectural cues as to colour and type of construction. If your home has been constructed using brick, for example, an entertaining area that is predominately built from timber isn’t going to match all that well.

Introduce Hardscape

In most landscaping projects, a stone patio might gently transition to a stone border surrounding the space. But why not design and build this border at a height that is usable for something else? A short wall can provide an impromptu place for people to sit, whereas a tall wall can house a built-in barbeque or fireplace.

Front Yard View

The front yard might seem like an odd place to incorporate a patio design, but if you have a small backyard and a large front yard, it’s important that you use that space to your advantage. With a few tricks, they can become spaces for you to engage with your neighbours whilst also providing a little privacy for entertaining.

Vary the Purpose

For most families, a single use patio is too limiting. Instead, think about how you could rearrange the furniture in order to maximise use of the space. A bar-height table, for example, can be used as a gathering area when entertaining or meal prep when dining outside with the family. The addition of a dining table provides a space for eating.


If you are hoping to add a new patio design to your home, we hope that the above list of ideas has given you plenty to consider. At the end of the day, ensuring that the patio works well with your existing home and landscape is a must – otherwise it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb. Contact a professional to help you get the design down pat.

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