Hacks to Get Used to Your New Hearing Aid Device

If you have recently started to use hearing aids, or have bought a new pair of aids, you might have faced some problems adjusting to them. But you should know that this is completely normal. Even though hearing aids help to improve your hearing, they are an unfamiliar thing to your ears when you first start using them. They need some getting used to. Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed with them.

Some sounds you’ll hear with them might feel too loud which can be overwhelming. But with time, your brain will learn which sounds to focus on and which to ignore and turn down. So here a list of a few tips have been put together that can help you get used to your new hearing aids. Even if you are thinking of buying new ones, you should give it a read. As due to unrealistic expectations of how the hearing aids will work from the beginning, one out of eight hearing aids is never used according to estimation. So, the hacks that can help your adjustment period are-


1. Let them comfortably adjust with your ears

Your ears will need a little time to adjust to the feeling of your hearing aids, as they are a completely new addition to your ears. If you have used glasses, you will know that they needed some adjusting too to sit on your nose. Even if you feel uneasy at first for the presence of a new thing, it will go away within a few days. You just have to use it for a few days patiently.

2. Wear them for only few hours a day at first

You don’t have to keep them on all the time if you don’t want to. You can just use them in comfortable situations and environments for the first few days. It is recommended by professionals to use them during your waking hours.

But the more you’ll use the hearing aids the more you will get used to them and the sounds and the more sound you will be able to detect and filter out. And being able to filter out unnecessary sounds are good for your ear’s health. Practicing to use them even in quiet situations will help your brain to adjust faster in a noisy environment.

3. Take some time to adjust your sound processing

If you took quite some time to start using a hearing aid, you will hear sounds that you haven’t heard in a long period. So it will take time to get used to those sounds again. Also sounds will be directly amplified into your ear, so it is a completely new experience. With time you will get completely used to that. You can also follow the adjustment procedure recommended by your audiologist.

4. Don’t mess with the volume much

It's likely that hearing aids will adjust to different listening situations easily and automatically, so you won't need to manually adjust them much often. If you turn the volume up, don't make it too loud. You shouldn’t try hard to listen to very subtle noises.

5. Practice talking to groups of people

After getting hearing aids, you should have frequent conversations with your family members and close family, as you can easily identify their voices. You might face problems while talking to a group instead of an individual, so you can practice with them to get more used to talking with groups. You should try to listen actively and it will help your brain reconnect the dots between sounds, nonverbal body language, vocal patterns etc.   

6. Set the television to a normal volume

When you will watch TV with your friends and family, ask them to set the volume to a normal range, not too high or loud. 

7. Watch Movies or Shows with Subtitles

While you are watching something you should turn the subtitles or caption on, as listening to and reading words at the same time can help your brain greatly to connect language and sounds. In the same way you can listen to the audiobook version of a book while reading a printed version of it. You can also read aloud to yourself in order to accomplish the goal.  

8. Do some listening exercise by closing your eyes

You can try to use only your hearing to identify between different types of sounds or speech patterns, and you can concentrate more on the sounds by closing your eyes. Practicing that way can help your hearing more and you will be able to detect sound differences in a better manner. You can also try practicing reading aloud to yourself as mentioned earlier. So that you can get used to your own voice more quickly, and train yourself to talk in an appropriate volume.

9. Gradually increase the time you spend wearing the aids

You should start wearing the aids for more and more time gradually until you are able to keep them on for all the hours you are awake. This consistency will help your brain adjust to the sound amplification and will ensure that your hearing aids help your hear as much as possible.

So, you can try these simple and easy to get done hacks to get used to your new hearing aids. So that you can have a better listening experience and ensure better health for your ears.