7 Easy Ways To Make Your Press Releases More Effective

When writing a press release, it's important to remember that the goal of your communication isn't just to be read. The point is to get people to take action.

Press releases are written using the inverted pyramid for a reason. This structure ensures that the most important information is presented first, so it's more likely to be read.

But if you want your press release to get more attention, there are plenty of ways you can add some oomph to your writing style.

You should never assume that reporters know the ins and outs of what you're pitching. They just don't have time to figure it out, or they may want to take another angle than the one you've given them.

So how do you make sure your news coverage will turn out exactly as you hope? Here are seven easy ways!

1. Tell a success story

For reporters, the real value of your press release lies in the human interest angle it can provide for their readers. You need to show them why your story is exciting, interesting, and important as a news event as well as how it will benefit people.

It's easy to explain what you do or how you do it, but what is the real benefit to people? Make sure to tell your success story in your release so that they can understand why your company is really special.

2. Use a template from the pros

One of the best ways to make any document look more professional is to use a consistent format throughout it. Reporters see a lot of press releases, and if yours looks different from the rest, they'll think it's difficult to read.

Take a peek at some successful press releases in your industry- I guarantee there is a common format. Then you can just reword things so that it sounds more personalized for yourself.

Take note of what you like about certain releases, and this will help inspire your own writing style.

3. Focus on the benefits, not features

Reporters are always looking for the who/what/where/when of your story. When you're writing your release, make sure to focus on how it will benefit people instead of listing out all the things that make you special.

For example, if you work for a dating app, your release shouldn't be about how many singles are in an average location. Instead, the key benefit is showing couples who met through your service what makes them so cute together. That will inspire more people to read your story!

4. Keep it short and sweet

A lot of reporters will only skim a press release before passing it over, so you need to make sure they pick up on the most important information.

Keep each paragraph short and sweet- don't ever go longer than three sentences. Use bolded words where possible to draw attention to key points.

Also, use bullet points wherever you can! Most people just skim, so your points will be understood even if the readers only glance over them.

5. Treat it like an email

Just like you do when you're writing an email to a coworker or friend, try writing your press release as though you're talking directly to the reporter. Use simple language that is easy for anyone to understand and avoid industry jargon.

This way, your release will be more personal and feel like you're actually talking to each people rather than at them. You'll have their attention in no time

6. Make it timely

Make sure that your press release has some sort of time element in the very beginning- if possible, try to tie it directly to a current event or holiday, as this is most likely what the reporters are looking for.

For example, if you've got a new partnership with an entertainment company, this will be most interesting to the press right before the release of a big blockbuster movie!

7. Keep it real

You may want to sell people your idea or product, but reporters are always looking for something snappier and more interesting.

The best thing you can do is be real- don't ever try to exaggerate your facts or make it sound like things will be better than they actually are in reality.

Everyone loves honesty! So when in doubt, go the honest route. Your press release will be much more memorable and your company will come off as a friend- not just another suit.


Everyone knows how hard it is to make a press release engaging, but the truth is that it's not hard at all—just follow these seven easy steps and you'll be on your way to guaranteed coverage!

Remember, your press release is a story—not a block of text full of facts. Make sure your story is concise, has an angle, includes real-life examples, and at least one image to illustrate the main points of your story.


This article is written by the small business expert, Erica Nall. She helps other entrepreneurs through her free resource blog on running an online company at