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Is Hiring a Private Tutor the Best Choice for Better Grades?

Parents are invariably faced with the dilemma of whether or not to hire a private tutor so that their child performs better in school. Tutoring is a practice that has often drawn a lot of flak and criticism and sometimes for the wrong reasons. Most people think that a tutor is hired to stop your child from failing in a subject; the truth is, a tutor can actually help in enriching your child’s knowledge, even when he is an intelligent and diligent pupil and one who may already be scoring high marks in school. Contrary to what most of us think, tutoring does not have to be always unaffordable. You can even explore options of cutting down on tuition costs by hiring a tutor to teach many kids together. Tutoring does not always have to be for kids; grown-ups can also benefit from a private tutor when he is planning to go back to school or for professional training. There are professional assignment help experts who help out students with their assignments. Some college students that work part time jobs are blessed with this kind of services. Now that you have understood the reasons for hiring a private tutor, you can analyse whether private tutoring in indeed beneficial or not, let's see:

  • The best part about hiring a tutor for your child is to ensure that your child can learn at a comfortable pace. This is especially necessary for children who may be confused with the fundamental concepts in any subject. Tutors will ensure that the child knows his basics before taking on the more complex topics.
  • Every child has a distinct style of learning; while some children find visual tools helpful, others may find reading more useful. A private tutor can actually help a child learn in a way which he finds easy to relate to; in a classroom, it is not possible for the teacher to cater to the unique needs or preferences of every child.
  • Besides educating your child about the core subjects, a private tutor is qualified to help your child adapt the best way to learn his studies through essential time management skills, summarising skills etc.

  • A private tutor with special training can be a tremendous help to special children; so, if you have a dyslexic child or a child suffering from impairments of any kind, a tutor can help him overcome his weaknesses and cope with school work.
  • Private tutoring is beneficial because it is flexible, allowing your child to balance his homework with sports and other extra-curricular activities that he may be keen to pursue. It is convenient especially when you can hire someone to come over to teach your child; it will save a lot of time and effort on your part.
  • With a private tutor, you are relieved of the responsibilities of handling your child’s work on your own. This may be a great boon, especially when you may not be capable of helping him out with the study materials yourself; and you would rather spend the time you get with him to do other fun-filled things and not something as stressful as school assignments.

On the flip side, tutoring is not always the best decision for your child because:

  • Tutoring is likely to be very costly and not affordable to many households.
  • Children should be encouraged and guided by parents to handle their weaknesses instead of depending upon tutors to help them with their work. This will make them self-confident and independent, preparing them for the challenges of the future.
  • When you hire a private tutor and push your child for tuitions, they may soon become disinterested and end up distancing themselves from their tutors.
  • Tutoring can take up a lot of a child’s time, time that he could have spent learning some other craft or sport. Pursuing extra-curricular activities are healthy for a child’s physical and emotional growth and development.
  • Finally, tutoring may be a risky proposition for your child because sending your child to a complete stranger has its own risks. It is important to do a background check on the tutor before you hire him.

There is no denying the fact that hiring a private tutor can make your child better at his studies in school, but also comes with a high price. A private tutor will guide your child to do the best he can by providing him with access to superior study materials and learning methods. He will impart essential study-related skills, helping your child to set and attain targets. For gifted children, tutoring is beneficial as the tutor ensures that he continues to be challenged and motivated. The trick then is to find a qualified and experienced tutor; you can do a Google search through tutor databases or ask for referrals. When you have shortlisted names of some tutors, you must verify their credentials and perform a background check on them.