REVIEW- Audials Radio Android App

As we know, music is the best gift to bring us always in a good mood. So today, we have decided to write a post on the Audials Radio Android app. Today's generation is so much involved with music, songs and videos. Some people love slow music and some love fast and crazy music. I am also very fond of music; I love to play different types of songs. I always visit YouTube just to listen some good stuff.

The post includes features, different services provided by the Audials Radio Android app to their customers, its amazing functions, advantages/benefits, conclusion etc. Basically, you will get fast music totally legal and free of cost with the Audials app. You can even access more than 80,000 online radio stations from all over the world.

With your smartphone, you can simply download this application. I would say, you just love this article. Also, our customer is important to us, so don't forget to send your valuable feedback. Give your comments also in the commenting box below.

What is the Audials Radio App?

This review is totally based on Audials Radio Android App. It is a pretty simple to use radio app, which is available in play store free of cost. Its catalog contains over 80,000 radio stations from dozens of countries around the world. It includes talk radio, music radio from a 120 genres, and all of your old favorites from the FM and AM days. You can also create your favorite music list easily and synchronize the app with the Audials Windows software. So what are you waiting for? Install this app and you can listen to your favorite music. You can get the amazing Audials app in your smartphone free of charge from Google Play.

Via this app you can easily record the song which you are listening on the radio and create the best sound with an amazing integrated equalizer. Users can also filter the radios according to the a musician they currently play, country, top hits etc. I would say that if you want to grab more information about its features and services then just go through with this post. I am sure you will learn something innovative.

How does the Audials Radio app work?

- You can download it and use it right away without creating an account.

- Browse all the stations.

- Choose your favorite station that you want to listen.

- Type in your favorite artists and select the station according to those that play songs of them.

- You can also search your favorite station using keywords.

- You can even add your best station which is not in the list.

Services of Audials Radio

Zap feature

Zap feature is one of my personal favorite features. It provides different types of suggestions to you. This feature identifies what you are listening to and suggests other stations that play the same type of music. In short, it offers different types of suggestions to their customers. You can record songs in MP3 format.

Ease of use

This is the best app you ever had on your smartphone. You will use it very easily and efficiently. No ads are included in this app. You will easily install it in your smartphone. You can move around quickly and pin you favorites to the home screen to find it pretty easily.

Clock Radio

You will never see this type of service in other radio apps. Clock Radio means that you will set an clock alarm and choose your favorite radio station. A sleep timer is included as well in this app. So you can fall asleep or awake with your favorite music.

Entertainment with Podcasts

You can listen to every radio stations and millions of podcast episodes. Basically, the app offers more than 100,000 international podcasts. It is easy to use and to navigate. As a user of the Audials Radio app, you can search instantly for podcasts. Also, you can listen to any type of music on the radio.

Record System

Users can easily create list of their favorite music and synchronize it with the Audials Windows software. Being a user, I really enjoyed this feature. You can choose the genre or artists and create your playlist. You can record your favorite song from any radio station and store it on your smartphone and tablet. While listening to a radio station, Audials can automatically cut out the music track from the radio stream and tag the recorded file with song name, artist, cover etc.

Some Interesting Benefits of Audials Radio App

1. It offers mobile entertainment with more than 100.000 Podcasts.

2. Ease of use and understanding.

3. You can use its services free of cost.

4. You can record your own favorite songs and play them again and again.

5. Easily Wake Up with your Favorite Internet Radio Station. Yes, it offers clock radio facility.

6. Users can also adapt the sound for every amplifying system or headphone.

7. The equalizer effect offers the best sound.

8. You can easily store the songs on SD card and in the cloud.

9. Sometimes many ads will distract us. But in this app, there are no ads not even in the free version.

10. Users can easily create their favorite music list.


At last, I would only say that it is a wonderful application for the users where they can listen to and download every type of music. The Audials Radio Android App is a very solid and capable radio app. It organizes its content extremely well considering how many radio stations it supports and it makes it simple to add more. It offers varied bonus features to their customers. You will get amazed with its services.

If you are impressed by this post and you want to give it a shot then I must tell you that it’s totally free of cost to use with no in-app purchases. It also make it easy to build a personalized playlist. Audials Radio app offers a bag full of features, which are used by thousands of customers. So what are you waiting for, visit the app and install it Now!