How to Get out of the Friendzone

How do you get out of the "friendzone" with the girl you like?

You have been best of friends for as long as you can remember but one day, you suddenly feel that your friendship can be something more. You want to break free from being in the friend zone. So, how exactly can you turn a friend into a lover?

Be less interested

If you have been doing everything for her and she has already gotten used to you doing it, then it would be best for you to show less interest in her. By doing so, she would be able to realize everything that you have done for her and she would also give more importance to you. Who knows, she might even try to get your attention more than before.

Do what a lover does

If you truly wanted your friend to be your lover, then stop acting like a friend and instead, do the things that a lover does to his girlfriend. That way, you can give your friend a sign that you think of her more than just a friend and yes, this also includes flirting with her.

Spend some time away from her

As compared to seeing you everyday, wherever she goes to and whatever she is doing, she would definitely miss you when you are not there. So, spend some time away from her. If I may add, you can also consider letting her see you chase after other girls. That way, she would feel that she has just lost someone important and so, she would have the urge to try to get you back and this time, it’s to be your romantic partner.

Love is truly unexpected. We may suddenly fall for a person whom we have just met or fall for a person who has always been there by our side. Nevertheless, what matters most is how you act upon it.