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Using Photography To Connect With Consumers

If there’s one thing I stick by in business, it’s my belief in the use of powerful imagery. Humans are visual creatures, recent studies have found that what we see affects what we think and do.

Moreover, visuals actually prompt our brain to make a decision, as a business owner that’s what you want. Indecisiveness will leave customers confused, and they will walk away without making a purchase, make customers decision easy, and you will be more likely to convert.

Enter photography, it is commonly one of the main sources of visuals you will be using for your business, so it’s important to use great photography to portray your message.

Think of some of your favourite products, what springs to mind? There is a fair chance that a visual image is what you first think about. Apple is one example, my mind immediately wanders to clean white backgrounds, crisp silver lines and glossy black screens.

Their branding is largely in the photography, they have ‘a look’, and they keep it consistent across all their products. Could you imagine if Apple used low-quality product photos? Their image of being a sleek, forward thinking company would surely be tarnished!

Another huge company which enters my mind is Microsoft. Immediately two images spring to mind, the Microsoft ‘windows’ graphic and the rolling green hills desktop image.

Here the use of landscape photography creates a sense of openness, warmth and possibility. Humans naturally have a connection with their environment so tapping into this through the use of landscape photography is a great way to feed our instincts and make people feel drawn towards your brand.

Landscape photographs, such as these, can work to create a calm, relaxing feeling amongst consumers, while aggressive, hard looking images can be used to portray a sense of excitement and energy.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to start placing value on the photographs you use. While it may feel like an area you can save money on, realise that your brand's imagery plays a huge role in your customer's decision making.

The correct use of high-quality photographs can lead to snap decisions and a positive brand association. Poor quality images or just poor choice of images can leave potential customers feeling disconnected.

A sure fire way to lose a sale!

Now that you realise the importance of photography it’s time to do some research.

Stock agencies such as istockphoto are a great place to begin your search. The more exceptional photography you look at, the more you will begin to gain a feel for what a great photograph looks like and what connects with you and, hopefully, your customers.

Of course, I ultimately recommend hiring a professional to help lead your brand in the right direction and make decisions about your use of images based on research and experience.

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