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If you have chips or cracks in your windshield in Atascadero, then the best move for you is to get it checked and taken care of right away. Most car owners tend to get their windshield completely replaced afterwards but in fact, some minor damages can easily be dealt with just simple repairs. So, how would you really know if you have to repair or replace your windshield?

First of all, the easiest way to have the most accurate assessment is to let car experts take a look at your car. These specialists are well capable of evaluating the magnitude of damage and identify the best service to get it fixed. If you need one, you can always rely on Bumper 2 Bumper for professional advice and automotive services. This company has been continuously providing first class auto services for over 15 years. Rest assured that choosing them is the best choice you can make for your car.

Experts look into 4 main windshield damage aspects to determine which service — repair or replacement — your car truly needs:

• Size

Small cracks that are around 3 inches long or chips that are about 1 inch in diameter can easily be repaired. Any damage longer or wider than a dollar bill can no longer be repaired back then, but due to advancements in car technology, even cracks up to 18 inches long can be repaired with ease.

• Depth

Small, short, and shallow cracks or chips can easily be repaired. Check in with your car technician if you think that the damage on your windshield is too deep to be fixed by a simple repair.

• Type

There are different types of chips and cracks, and each one needs varying treatments as well. Some examples are star break, bullseye, half moon, crack chip, ding, and pit. Generally, chips and cracks up to a size of a quarter can effortlessly be repaired. However, bigger and deeper ones that are multiple in number can be quite difficult to get rid of.

• Location

Any windshield damage along the driver’s line of sight is a priority. However, getting it repaired, even with the best experts there is, still leaves some form of mark in the area, decreasing clarity and reducing visibility. Know that some damages require replacement instead just to be sure. Here are some crack or chip locations and instances that simple repairs no longer suffice:

 Edge chips and cracks

 On the inside of the windshield

 Along the driver’s viewing area

 Over the internal radio antenna and rain sensor

 Deep damage on both layers of glass

 Cracks more than 18 inches

 Complex and multiple cracks

 Contaminated cracks

Taking all of these into consideration, experts at Bumper 2 Bumper can tell you if you need a quick repair or a full replacement of your windshield in Atascadero. Repairs usually don’t last very long and won’t cost you so much as well. On the other hand, replacements tend to be more expensive and can take days to get done, considering that the glass itself has to be ordered from a supplier first before the actual replacement work.

If you want to cut some cost, do not rush into a complete windshield replacement right away. Check with Bumper 2 Bumper specialists first to know the options open for you. If a replacement is utterly necessary, then by all means, proceed. Also, if your car is still covered by a warranty, you may want to use that as well for your advantage. This way, you will be able to determine the very service that you need, spending only just as much as necessary and as less as you could.

For any repair or replacement for your windshield in Atascadero, never hesitate to reach out to Bumper 2 Bumper. You can always call them at 805-238-1112 or 805-462-3368. They are on line 24/7 to attend to your needs and provide immediate service. You can also visit their website at to know more. Send a message through their contact page as well if you desire! Their staff are always ready and more than willing to help you out. Remember, if quality and value matters to you, choose Bumper 2 Bumper.