Auto Lights

4 Types of Automotive Lights and Their Usage

If you possess a luxury or an ordinary car, you must be familiar with the types of automotive lights fitted in your vehicle. Along with having knowledge about the lights, It is also important to know that how to use different lights. As per the latest declaration from Department of Transportation Motor vehicle Administration, from now onwards in order to clear driving test, one has to identify different automotive lights and he/she must know to use them as per the requirements.

This post will speak about the lights used in the vehicles and how they are important. Along with that, I will also focus on the usage of the lights.


Headlights make the appearance of a vehicle sturdy and attractive. There 2 types of headlights which are used in automobiles – high beam and low beam. The best part about them is that it helps the drivers to drive hassle free even when it is complete dark. Headlights should be used when there are no visible vehicles in front of your car.

Apart from the OEMs, there are different types of lights and latest technology which are used in the vehicles. Osram Sylvania is one such well-known importer and exporter of lights and is working in the industry for quite a long time. Lights from the stated company are very durable and they are also offered at affordable rates.

Signal lights

Signal lights are also one of the most important parts of automotive lighting and are also known as blinkers. These lights are located either on the back or front of the car. These lights are mainly used to indicate other people (drivers) that you will take a turn or you will go back. One should keep in mind that while using signal lights the speed of the vehicle should be lowered down.

Fog lights

Fog lights are mainly located above the headlights and they are mainly used to prevent light from refracting on the fog and glaring back towards the driver of the vehicle. The driver should only use these lights in case the normal headlights of the vehicle are not working and when the level of fog is comparatively high.

Brake lights

The drivers use these when they indicates that the vehicle will be slowed down or it will make a stop. There are no specific timings for using brake lights because they will be activated automatically once the drivers use brakes.

These are some of the important lightings to be used in the automobile. In most of the cases, people prefer using OEM lights but there are some car enthusiasts who prefer using modern light for more style and enhanced performance. For such people, Osram Sylvania is one of the prominent choices as presently they are one of the leading lighting manufacturers and suppliers in the automobile industry and serving people in different countries.