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Guide on How to Find the Best Car Exhaust Muffler

A car exhaust muffler is a part of the car that minimise the noise produce by the engine, and of course, it enhances the overall performance of the car as well. A normal muffler is made from inlet valve, two outlet valves, a housing which is a perfect for the both valves and in the end a chamber that connects the exhaust pipe on one side and the tailpipe on the other.

Even though manufacturers stay on one design and advertise that their designed better than any other, the reality is that only one of these designs can do the job right. For this reason, picking the best car exhaust muffler is not so much about tech and is more about the right measurements and performance upgrade.

On the market currently, there are different types of mufflers, such as stainless steel muffler, aluminium and aluminized mild steel mufflers. One of them is considered to be the best and that is the stainless steel one because it offers the highest quality, last longer than any other and it has way better looks than the others.

The latest trends that currently are popular with a lot of the consumers is the use after-market Car Exhaust Muffler. The reason behind this is because they are a perfect fit and opens a wider number of options to your exhaust system. The performance and noise level a different from one model to another. Bellow, we will go through the main types, so it will make your decision making easier.

Standard model mufflers are the ones that car manufacturers add to their car. They are equipped with chambers and cylinders that stop the sound waves from reaching the maximum noise. Nevertheless, they don't offer any extra power to your car. The main purpose of this models is to keep your motor quiet.

Performance mufflers are those type of mufflers that have a more flowing design that at the same time increases power and noise. They are pretty big compared to other, both in performance and style. They can look like a louvred bullet one or they can take a more stock appearance.

The race mufflers differ in two ways, they can be used for racing or for off-road activities. Generally, people use them to increase their horsepower, yet if you use it in a vehicle that has less than 500 horsepower it will greatly reduce the horsepower.

There you have it the different types of mufflers, however, your pick should be done by selecting a model that is created especially for your vehicles. A lot of muffler designers offer your specific type of mufflers that fits only one type of vehicles, yet if you have a problem find the right one you can always find a universal one that is based on the size of your engine. It is really important that you pick the right one because if the car exhaust muffler too large or too small will have a negative effect on your performance and it should not be like that because that is the last thing you want from your vehicle.