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Emerging startup, MEDCAR LLC is set to take the medical transportation services industry by storm with their ground-breaking new app.

Houston, TX 

Houston entrepreneur Bobin George has developed an innovative one-stop solution for the Healthcare Industry. Every year an estimated 3.5 million people in the U.S. are unable to access medical services because they have no way to get there.  There is clearly an undisputable daily need for non-emergency medical transport, and ironically for most people needing these services, the very conditions that they need treatment for, prevent their access to healthcare.
The enormous challenges in accessing crucial services include physical impairments, special needs and sometimes even the absence of adequate support at home.  As a result of his observations of the prevailing challenges being faced by people who need access to non-emergency transport, current trends in the market, and recent technological advances, Bobin George recognized that technology could make a valuable contribution to this industry niche.  Bobin realized that most people who lack access to vital transport, already have access to mobile phones, and Bobin is proud to announce the inception of MEDCAR LLC, as a creative response to a very real need.
MEDCAR LLC is a fully integrated company with its own Mobile APP to maximize access, convenience and ease of use to its clients. That’s right, MEDCAR LLC is the Uber of the Healthcare field!  MEDCAR is pioneering a change in the way the medical transportation business is conducted and accessed by users, by using complex algorithms developed by Bobin’s team of dedicated coders.  Bobin believes that he can reduce the cost of these essential services by running a more efficient system.  
Beta testing will take place in Houston, TX and surrounding areas and it is hoped that this new service will improve access to essential healthcare services, for people who need them most.


MEDCAR LLC is a family owned business with over 120 years of combined experience in the healthcare field.  The company has a strong focus on service excellence and is committed to fine-tuning their products and services to deliver the best service at the best rates.  They recognize that access to medical services is a necessity, not a luxury.  Consequently, MEDCAR intends to provide quality transportation services in both urban and rural areas, at affordable rates. For more information on this exciting new service and to see how MEDCAR LLC can help you, please contact: