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CancerBiz, Promoting Businesses operated by Cancer Survivors and Patients

CancerBiz, Promoting Businesses operated by Cancer Survivors and Patients

CancerBiz is a company directory that promotes businesses operated, products sold, and services offered by cancer survivors and patients. Jay Lefevers, the founder, is a businessman and a two-time survivor after experiences with a brain tumor (Hemangiopericytoma) and cancer (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma).

While there are many support groups and organizations which help cancer patients and survivors through the emotional and physical toll cancer can inflict on a person, there are few forums which promote and aid the enterprises they operate, or the services and products they offer. Through CancerBiz we all can directly support patients and survivors as they carry on with their lives during and after the fight against cancer.

CancerBiz allows customers to locate and directly contact businesses or services operated by cancer patients and survivors who specialize in exactly the trade needed and who are located near the customer. Further, buyers can shop on a nationwide basis and directly purchase products sold, crafted or manufactured by cancer survivors.

All CancerBiz vendors are screened and verified as patients or survivors and owners or partners of a trade or venture. Therefore, customers will be directly engaged with, and confidently buying from cancer patients and survivors. The concept of CancerBiz is to put the money to work in the most effective way possible; helping cancer patients and survivors succeed in their business ventures and enabling customers to buy for hope and prosperity!

Jay Lefevers is also the author of "Cancer on the Brain," a memoir. "Cancer on the Brain" is the true story of his battles with a brain tumor and then cancer, while running a business, being a husband and father, and coaching an inner-city Little League team to baseball victory. In 2013, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the nation's largest independent book awards organization, selected "Cancer on the Brain" as a general nonfiction finalist.

CancerBiz is a new website that allows customers to access vendors and learn about their business and cancer survival story. New vendors can currently sign up online with a free one-year membership.

CancerBiz is primed to be the premier company/directory for promoting businesses operated, products sold, or services offered by cancer survivors and patients. To learn more visit today!